Who is Motoreetto?

Hello, are Nicola Andreetto, but my friends have started calling Motoreetto because I was always in motion and constantly spoke of engines, to go, never stop.

Thus I was born this blog and canale Youtube.

I have them in the open 2012 and all you see him do it myself. This suggests that I make blogger and I managed to transform what was a hobby into a profession. I'm a journalist (registered in the professional register of Lombardy since 2009), but I have also become my own employer and thanks to the CLAN this blog can be an independent reality!

I deal with information and communication for my channels and publications of all kinds.

Also find me on Twitter, Instagram the Facebook but if you have a question or want to report news, it is always better if you write me an email at info@motoreetto.it. I always try to answer everyone.

If instead you are curious to know my whole story, well… ISCRIVITI to my YouTube channel: when i reach i 20.000 subscribers I will tell it well in a video.

If you have already taken a look at this site and you like what I do, why don't you join the Motoretto Clan too?

I'm waiting for you to do some nice motorcycle rides together.