Alpi Grand Tour 2022, from Trieste to Nice. The video of the second part

The story of my Alpi Grand Tour continues, the journey on the Himalayan and Scram from Trieste to Nice in six stages. In this second and last chapter of the video we start from Switzerland to reach Mercantour and the Côte d'Azur.

The story of my alpine trip this summer resumes. As I have already introduced you in this previous post, I made a little (great) secret dream connecting the Adriatic Sea with the Côte d'Azur crossing the Alps from east to west and in just six stages.

After having seen in the first video the first three stages from Trieste to Locarno, the trip on the saddle at Royal Enfield Himalayan e Scram 411 it starts right from the Swiss city overlooking the northern side of Lake Maggiore. And Filippo and I are immediately faced with a difficult decision: aiming for the Simplon, risking to lengthen the route considerably and to face a bad weather day or go south to gain time to spend the next day on Piedmontese dirt roads? Now the answer seems almost obvious, but at the moment it wasn't…

We managed to reach Nice in just six stages without errors and smudges and without a trace and a defined travel program?

To find out, you just have to watch the video of the second part of this Alpi Grand Tour. And if you are curious to know where we have passed, then I leave you the itineraries of these three stages as I did last week. Eccoli:

I hope you enjoy the video. If so let me know with a thumbs up, a comment or making it spin among your friends, to me it means a lot.

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