Want a vintage electric motorcycle? from Sweden, Regent Motorcycles

How would an end electric motorcycle Sixty? Maybe like this Regent No.1 Motorcycles: zero emissioni in look vintage

If your curiosity for this freak of moto elettrica stubbornly goes up against your vintage taste for the dear old bikes of yore, well it is possible that you have seen the flourishing of some attempts to combines vintage style and zero-emission mobility.

enthusiasts Room – especially in the States, but also in northern Europe – they started retrieve old frames and montarci electric power unit with sometimes surprising results. There is ferment and experimentation, much more than we breathe here in Italy. The phenomenon of retrofitting for us it is just beginning, but he has potential.

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The work of the individual, the experience gained with its retrofitting, It can give life to the start up and completely new bikes, that the style of a classic, but they are built from scratch without cannibalizing old looms: in conclusion electric motorcycles old school, vintage, scrambler and cafe racer.

Among these new realities that come to life, Today I point the Regent Motorcycles Gothenburg, Sweden.

This Swedish team is working on an interesting project: a compact motion in sixties style with enough autonomy and performance with satisfaction circled in and out of towns and with a vintage look and cured.

On their website It is on their profile Instagram, Regent Motorcycles informs us that their No.1 It is almost ready to launch, that has a’autonomy 150 km, a weight of 130 kg and a maximum speed of 135 km/h. Various wheels 18″, obviously ray, and despite the classic look it is equipped with modern wizardry such as GPS tracking and screen 7″ (eye).

Of battery of this No.1 Regent Motorcycles we do not yet know much except that it is a 72V – 80Ah, as well as about the engine that, come si nota, It is mounted in the rear wheel hub. This solution on the one hand is extremely practical – to such an extent as to enable us to electrify theoretically any motion… – on the other hand, as we know it is a non-suspended mass and therefore driveability level makes the bike less reactive. Considering, however, that this is not a motorcycle designed for use in sports, They may have reached a good compromise.

If this electric motorcycle vintage tickles, you can already preorder on the website Regent Motorcycles although the price has not been announced. The goal is to achieve first production batch of 100 moto.

UPDATE 2020:

rgn 01 yellow

One year after the writing of this article, I have the possibility to give an update on the Regent project. Production has actually started and the first specimens are expected by the end of summer 2020. Here all the details and an interview.


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