Benelli Imperial 400, proof of 1000 km

I made a thousand kilometers with the new (yes it is new!) Benelli Imperial 400. In this review to tell you all about her.

That motion is the Benelli Imperial 400?

Inspired by the single cylinder that between the forties and fifties defined the modern concept of motorcycle, the Imperiale since the name evokes glorious periods for the brand of Pesaro and in the history of motorcycling. But it is precisely that name to create me a first displacement: It is not the first time we see him on a motorcycle from Pesaro, but technically it was not a Benelli…

Small historical digression…

In 1957 the newborn MotoBi (founded in 1948 by engineer Giuseppe Benelli, the eldest of six brothers who founded the eponymous House) in fact, presents the Imperiale 125. It is the first model to four times the young brand.

A push is that horizontal single-cylinder with the characteristic architecture "egg" designed by Prampolini will become trademark.

The Imperial 400 of today, however,, It not takes all forms and seems inspired more other models like the Benelli Leonessa, a luxurious twin 250 beautiful as unlucky commercially. Maybe that's why today, on the side panels painted black for this nostalgic reincarnation, read Imperiale 400 instead of just Leonessa.

How it is made the Benelli Imperial 400?

The revival operation – on which it is easier to slip on a banana peel – It is overall successful: the bike is aesthetically pleasing and even philological are few concessions to modernity, only where necessary. Certainly some plastic cover too out of place and does reveal a certain cheapness, but against contributes to a general cleaning that you can not fail to praise (just look, for example, where it was hidden abs).

Very few cables in sight and everything is very neat. Ben also made saddles and discrete chrome, It looks a bit 'delicate painting and welds are not the best, as well as mirrors and rear optical group.

They are all acceptable compromises willingly because the check to disconnect is to just 4 thousand euro and the fact that this kind of bike a little 'customization does not clash.

The Imperial 400 is a blast from the past, certo, but experts do not need eyes to see that it is a "false history". This Benelli “classic” It is in every way an existing product. I talked about ABS, Mandatory know. I should add that there are a front disc brake 300 mm with dual-piston caliper and rear 240 mm and single piston caliper. Here the wheel hub reminiscent of a drum brake.

The wheels 19 and 18 They are spoked (with an air chamber) and assemble tire series Cordial, of which I will discuss later. The equipment combines two classic analog watch with the now indispensable digital information divided into two displays. In the first, inside the speedometer, They read the total and two partial kilometers (Also in miles). In the second, placed at the center between the two elements, there's the fuel gauge and that of gear, a devilry that certainly was not there on the cornerstones of the postwar period as the agile Letizia (1949-1952), but now it suits not only to those who are beginners.

As you're riding a Benelli Imperial 400?

Despite being fairly compact, The Imperial is well sized: I am 1.74 and there I am all bad. Puts at ease and could not be otherwise because the target and view the 'height of the saddle 78 cm.

The handlebar is pretty straight, nearly a drag bar. This will appeal to those who have long arms, not to those who have short and you will find a bit 'more leaning forward. In addition to a good cosmetic result, however,, It permits excellent control when you want to hang between the curves.

The pupil, both the handlebar is in the foot, They are far too generous in size, the clutch is a cable and does not require efforts.

The seat is soft and the right is not finished at all bad. The triangulation is also satisfactory if, unavoidable, you have your legs a bit 'collected and arms a bit' strained. After a whole day in the saddle I noticed some discomfort in the groin. All in all I would say that it is still more comfortable than many other more modern motorcycles on the capacities. Well even the pillow reserved for the passenger who boards and easy handle to steady.

As you drive the Benelli Imperial 400?

From long argued that there should be in circulation plus single-cylinder middleweight, also absolutely suitable to travel on minor roads, of country. Obviously, if you go in a hurry, if you love the performance, The Imperial is the bike for you. But not only for the engine: even the aesthetics you will never consider.

If you are as well as a lover of classical, a supporter of tourism slow as I am, Well you might find after all the performances that will suffice.

The engine is a 4-stroke air-cooled with a single distribution tree in the head. So a simple mechanics and this bodes well for its reliability. Important to note that the bore is 72,7 and the stroke of 90 mm. So we have a long run. Just expect some good pistonate and a long way with the classic little gas, almost had a larger capacity. The power is 20,4 CV a 5500 giri, but it is the couple that we really care: 28 Nm a 3500 giri. Nothing extraordinary, indeed it may seem small stuff, but I can say that is enough to quickly reach quell'anda provincial which is the favorite ground of the Imperial, although with its over 200 kg is not just a feather.

So low and balanced, the weight is never an issue. The 5 marches are long and short, and it ends up spending most of the time in the third, if it were a single speed, exploiting a good elasticity.

But let the bicycle industry. Here is spared more comfort at low speeds that the provision, as it is obvious. It follows that we have a fork a little 'pliable when you go to staple, but quietly absorbs potholes and cobblestones. Much drier than the response of the rear shock absorbers, adjustable preload (but do not expect miracles) in 5 positions. After my experience of 1000 km I think that would be the first object of intervention with a nice… replacement. Ma, intendiamoci, so too are fine for walking.

Even braking does not like emergencies or detached: better to resort to both units and, on the contrary, learning to exploit the rear brake you will have a more fluid and anything but slow guide.

The Cordial tires are certainly not the sports coverage and are very similar but quite a lot to the Pirelli Phantom. Not in the driving feel, however,. In short, they have the right look and once again are fine for walking, but my advice is to switch to something else after the first train.

So the Imperial 400 It is a bike to ride in suppleness as it should be, and more down with their arms. A constant gas becomes very pleasant between the curves, lets you connect with gentleness, relaxing and accompanies you with a nice exhaust sound, full and never annoying.

So much so that it is a moment to be fascinated by the idea of ​​a journey. Come? With a 400 and 21 CV? Absolutely yes. For those who want to enjoy every meter and aims to transform even a medium-range trip into something more epic and memorable, a bike like this could open up interesting prospects.

Prices, versioni, allocations

As already mentioned, with 4.000 euro would take home this Benelli Imperial 400. Looking at the market, and touching it with the hand one can easily conclude that the cost-benefit ratio is more than reasonable. Even more so now that the most direct competitor, la Royal Enfield Bullet 500, She is dating scene. The proposals have two colors: black or gray, and soon a catalog of accessories House.

To recommend the Imperial Benelli 400?

Recommended to those who definitely back in the saddle after a long time and who begins, the fairer sex and brevilinei for the ride height low and in general to anyone who wants to travel reclaiming the pleasure of going quietly, feeling a gentleman from another time.

Perché sì

  • pleasant Provision
  • Interesting price
  • Ease of driving
  • consumption

Perché no

  • little filtering Rear suspension
  • Some details improvable

Infos and technical data:

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