Let's talk about socks! here are the “Push” di Under Shield

On my motorcycle Grand Tour of the Alps I tried on various socks: lighter, thicker, more breathable… These have been my favorites, Here because

Let's talk about socks for a moment. If there is one thing we neglect when we travel by motorbike, especially in the summer, are the socks. Yet the right sock can make a difference, make you feel more comfortable and less tired. So in the end even safer. Because?

  • First because the foot in the boots suffers, he sweats and doesn't breathe.
  • Second, because there can be changes in temperature and humidity, not to mention when we take water…
  • And third, because staying in that position for a long time results in your feet swelling and you feel more tired.

In my Grand Tour of the Alps I had a chance to try on different socks of Under Shield Sportswear and these #PUSH were by far my favorite. Thanks to the compressive structure, they promote better blood circulation, they are reinforced where it is needed and have a texture on the sole of the foot “massaging” very pleasant and always useful for microcirculation.

I found them very comfortable and – which is always useful when you are out and about for several days – they dry quite quickly.

Then: recommended!

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