From Civitavecchia to Orte, a walk on the Sabine Mountains

From the commercial port on the Tyrrhenian Sea to the heart of the Lazio Orte through Tolfa, Lake Bracciano, Nepi and Civita Castellana. Another route within the reach of every rider who wants to find out.

When riding a bike from Civitavecchia to Orte?

There are no specific contraindications seasonal. I note that in the first three weeks of June to Nepi is the Palio dei Borgia and may represent, according to taste, an excellent opportunity to go or to prevent the country. In the same country, a couple of weeks before it even takes the traditional festival of Cooked Salami and Pecorino Romano: do not add more. The beginning of spring and September are wonderful times for this route,.

With that momentum going?

Road simple and affordable for all displacements, types and experiences.

Where recharge electric bikes?

Loading in Civitavecchia (where there are two stations), Most electric bikes have no problem to cover the approximately 130 km route. Once in places we find two charging stations. One is also reported to Orte Scalo and in neighboring Caldare. If halfway through you want approffittare a break to recharge on Lake Bracciano, you can bet on Trevignano Romano deviating a little the proposed itinerary.

Roads and distances

The proposed route is paved and easy. It passes through many countries for which you do not run the risk of being isolated in the event of a breakdown or other. The distance is about 130 km long and less than three hours: my advice is to carve out time for quite a while’ because of stops – wanting – much to see.

What to see in Civitavecchia, Tolfa, Bracciano, Nepi Orte?

The route soon

A journey of discovery that takes us from the Tyrrhenian until places, a journey through the history of our country and Lazio in a more intimate compared to commercial traffic on the coast. Leaving the Forte Michelangelo Civitavecchia we head to Tolfa where we can admire, as well as the landscape (!!), the remains of the Frangipane Castle. We reach the Lake Bracciano and immerse ourselves in the Monti Sabatini. For Anguillara, most important center of the basin, We can give us a break admiring the waters of the lake before continuing to Settevene. It can be worth up to stretch Trevignano Romano, where we can also recharge if we have the electric motorcycle. Taking the route to Settevene, we pass a short distance from the Autodromo di Vallelunga, but not to go too “off topic” advice rather an excursion to the Monte Gelato waterfalls in the Valley Treja, provided that the time available so permits. The route then takes us in the important center of up rich in history and culinary delights: impossible to get out of here without having eaten the cooked salami and pecorino romano. One last stop is mandatory in Civita Castellana – even portrayed in a famous painting by Edward Lear's 1844 – before stopping in the charming places and maybe give us an evocative visit to the underground city (to book here!).

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