Come in Fuoristrada Di Traverso with me?

The 21 June takes part with me in the first day open to the public of the Di Traverso Fuoristrada off-road school in Sansepolcro. You can participate with your motorbike or riding a Yamaha Ténéré 700, in any case at a special price. Here all the details.

I have a flash proposal to make you. Next Sunday I decided to go and try the new school firsthand Off road the Di Traverso School a Sansepolcro (Arezzo).

The instructors of the Di Traverso School, led by Marco Belli, they have become a guarantee in Flat Track courses and I am curious to see how they structured this school in the Tuscan woods. They told me about it and I was thrilled, let's see if they are strong just to chat!

Do you want to come with me?

Domenica 21 June 2020 take part in a complete didactic day at the off-road school. This is the program.

It is a course with IMF instructors in the natural context that includes off road excursions to immediately put the teachings into practice. But it is also a beautiful day together in the open air, without neglecting conviviality… obviously.

A special treatment for my friends

For my friends, Di Traverso Fuoristrada reserves a special treatment. Iscriviti alla newsletter and Send me a mail. I answer you with their proposal.

If you have already subscribed to the newsletter, you should have already received it.

The fee includes the course, welcome coffee, the lunch, the final aperitif and the certificate of participation as well as a gadget and a discount voucher of the 10% for a Flat Track course.

You can participate with your own bike or by using a school bike: Yamaha Ténéré 700.

You don't know what to do on Saturday?

Sabato 20 June I will already be in Sansepolcro with the guys from Di Traverso to see how they organize the school and trace the routes. If you want you can join us, but only with your bike. We will spend the whole day walking in off road immersed in the fantastic scenery of the valleys of Arezzo and Sansepolcro and we will only have to think about driving and taking advantage of our country. During the tour you will receive personalized indications from the instructors, we will have lunch together and at 18.00 we will also have a nice aperitif in the woods. Participation is by 150 Euro.

You arrive on Saturday evening?

We have dinner together – but regularly spaced – in a typical restaurant (rough price 30 Euro) and we stop to sleep in B&B (40 euro single room with breakfast)

Come on I'll wait!

di traverso school off-road tuscany
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