emulates: all that does not serve an electric motorcycle

Emulate is an electric motorcycle that… emulates any bike endothermic through a sophisticated software called McFly developed by 2electron, start-up torinese. Incredible and… useless. I'll explain why my.

To un po’ the weather turns this belief that in order to appreciate the hard-core bikers electric bikes should disguise it or make it look like a traditional gasoline motorcycle.

Because, according to this way of seeing things, the electric motorcycle is nothing more than a constriction in which sooner or later we will be obliged.

emulates, the incredible project of which I speak to you in this my rant, It goes in this direction; I would say that it is the most striking example, and in many ways more fascinating.

What are Emulates and McFly technology?

The Turin startups 2electron It has developed a truly remarkable and ingenious system called McFly (Even as the protagonist of Back To The Future), that is unbelievable because it can “to commute” any emulation electric motorcycle of any motorcycle combustion. Emulate is the practical application of this system, as shown in this video:

Do you want your super green tambureggi as a Knucklehead? Si può fare. You want your small and agile enduro electron coarse screams like a two-time Grand Prix? A matter of moments.

Just open the app, choose the bike from the archive that you want to emulate, download the package, install it, and so that's it. All from the comfort of touch display.

very impressive.

Non si tratta “only” to give the electric motor one “music sheet” to play – What already complicated – but of a much more comprehensive system involving clutch and gearbox and the bike all that sounds and vibrates replicating as closely as possible all activities that affect our senses.

What, at least for now, can not change is obviously the chassis of the bike. (Assuming that there interests, because so much the important thing is just the right sound?)

But all this will indeed serve to digest the electric motorcycle to those who do not want to know?

Emulators? Thank you, but… do not.

Personally I am more and more convinced of the exact opposite, or that the electric motorcycle should be appreciated as such. I find it rather pointless trying to convert the electric who does not want to hear about.

But it's an opinion, not a fact.

I find this admirable application of the system as wrong McFly. At least not suitable for people of my generation who put his ass on a motorcycle combustion. Perhaps it will be more attractive to a younger generation more accustomed to gaming and virtual reality, I would like to hear an opinion of some very young about. Maybe for them it is already more valuable a game like this, or perhaps it will be for future generations. For me it is not and does not think I'm a die-hard biker, then we know that it is often a fancy way of saying dumb.

A utility is:

The only application that I see as interesting concerns the torque curve: if indeed the McFly Emulate system manages to faithfully replicate the dispensing of different engines it may be useful for recreational activities on the track, for pilot training or just to help a manufacturer of electric bikes find a specific driving experience.

Long live the differences

I have spoken often in favor of the electric motorcycle drawing me the ire and the annoyed comments motorcyclists which point out to me any worse than Judah.

Electric bikes have many qualities but undoubtedly, with respect to the internal combustion engine, pagano a minor displacement of diaphragm: not excite the same way, do not take to the stomach.

Ma excite otherwise: with a thrust unheard, with a hissing sound which comes into head, with the magic of silence at low speeds. And then have an exaggerated comfort. They express even better the concept of their freedom for the less impact they have on others and because they allow a closer relationship with our surroundings.

All things that are not immediate to understand until you live an electric motorcycle for everyday use and all things that motorcyclists may still appear for a long time of little consequence compared to the cry of a two-stroke pushed hard.

These are things that will appreciate over time and have nothing to do with the beauty of an old bike. Emulate may seem a good solution only for those who have not yet tried really an electric bike and is still the only recorded information: non fa rumore, non vibra.

I hope that the electric bike is never a constraint but a choice dictated by the tastes and conveniences: There will be those electric driving and there will be those riding bikes petrol and period.

We'd never have a Ducati Panigale pawing like a Harley-Davidson Road King?

Similarly why would we want an electric motorcycle that pretends to be something else?

In the near future there will still be twins, the four online, i motori a V, le custom, sports, enduro… And there will be electric. Put them always in opposition or make them emulations of something else will not help us to appreciate.

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