Ghisallo in motion, the triangle lariano

Meta history of motorcycling and cycling, lariano the triangle and the Ghisallo are among the most goals “easy” Lombard for motorcyclists, but they are also a good starting point for those who are passing through,. Video on board e itinerario.

When to go?

In the motorcycle Ghisallo you can always go. A waste go when the cloudiness does not allow you to enjoy the beautiful view.

With which bike?

Any bike is suitable for this route easy all on asphalt.

Roads and distances

The route I have followed from Valmadrera a Canzo diverting also on Piano Rancio since where the road ends and you come to the restaurant La Baita It is ninety kilometers for just over two hours. The asphalt is almost everywhere good, spoiled only in some places, it's clean, but the Careggi is very narrow in some points, and there are no guard rails.

What see?

Surely Madonna del Ghisallo with its church, i busti, the view and the museum of cycling is the main attraction. But it is not the only. Just before it meets in fact the monument to Circuito del Lario – moreover, in a bit position’ sacrificed – and a little later in Civenna there is one dedicated to the memory of the missing motorcyclist. The view Piano del Tivano worth the stop, definitely worth a visit as is the noble center Bellagio.

useful Tips

Although the plain is hot sometimes just go up a little and find already more cold air and some clouds. Apart from that serious attention is paid especially to the many cyclists. The Ghisallo is a mythical goal for lovers of pedals that confront him in large numbers especially in the weekends. The roads are narrow so I recommend always proceed respectful of traffic rules and other users.

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