An X-ADV give Honda rally? I tried to Renato Zocchi

You can race off-road with a maxi-scooter? Apparently yes. Renato Zocchi – Veteran rally – He led a Honda X-ADV 750 Race to Gibraltar, and has also taken the luxury of winning Class 2. We toured together, I did tell all of his X-ADV… I of course made us a ride.

that the’Honda X-ADV 750 is not simply a “scooterone from Bausch” but a very successful half did not discover it certainly today. Since the first evidence many journalists have sung the praises surprising himself for his skills not only on asphalt but also on dirt. Motorcycles or motorbikes matters little when you can do what you want.

Go on a nice gravel road to reach a mountain hut but it's something, make us truly off-road is another. Vien natural to think that in that case emerge the physical limits that half, semplicemente, It is not designed to address the extreme and has a considerable tonnage. Yet I know crazy for two years led him around to rally, endurate, rides… and that nut is called Renato Zocchi.

We met a few days after the glorious conclusion of Gibraltar Race. I say glorious because Renato and his Honda X-ADV set by Rally not only for the second time finisher motion-challenge that – ricordo – through Europe to 7.000 km, but it has also taken the luxury to get behind guys half his age and motorcycles, almeno sulla carta, more specialist.

is indeed the Class winner 2, namely that for motorcycles with a displacement between 601 cc e 950 cc and in the overall standings got an excellent seventh place.

It may be objected that the Gibraltar Race is not a real rally, but the result is a mix of driving skills, regularity, endurance and navigation. Some even speculated that behind the good Renato there was an official organization and, listen Listen, on some comments I read on Facebook even the initials HRC!

Three irons and a gazebo, Another team that!

If the first objection is roughly true even if does not take into account the real difficulties and pace of Gibraltar Race, where they do not make mistakes that can cost you the race or worse a few bones, the second is a colossal panzana: I followed Renato throughout the event and can assure you that I have always seen alone take care of their Honda X-ADV. A cassette of irons in the van's Dominique Durussel (who was also in the race with a Honda XR400, I talk about Fuel #2!) and a gazebino for the two bikes. This was the great Renato box.

After seeing him for so many days I was curious to try it, so when Renato came back from Gibraltar Race we met and we made a short tour together. A chat, a snack and a couple of revs.

The result is everything in this video, buona visione!


Equipment used in this service:

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