The bet (won) by Patrizia

When you are traveling by motorbike it is nice to land in a safe harbor and when I am in Val di Susa I have no doubts: I go to the Napoleon Hotel, Here because

When I saw that I could get to Susa I had no doubts and I called the Hotel Napoleon. Luckily there was still one room! The other days I relied on apps to track down places, but in Susa I know where to go and it's a good feeling, do not? Especially after a few days of travel.

I want to clarify that this is not a sponsored post, I wasn't asked to do it. I do it spontaneously and willingly and if you read to the end you will understand why.

5 years ago I went to the for the first time Napoleon (here you can find video and story) and Patricia, the owner who grew up in that hotel, he told me his idea maybe a little’ bizarre to lift up a difficult period: “here everyone focuses on pilgrims from the Francigena and cyclists” – mi disse – “but if I stand at the door of my hotel I see motorbikes passing by, motorbike and motorbike. Susa is at the center of beautiful roads and unique dirt roads, but to face those climbs if you are not trained you better have a motor. E poi… I like motorcyclists“.

So he showed me the work on the hotel garage transformed into a motorcycle lounge with every comfort, from the coat hanger to the magazines through to’corner dedicated to washing and greasing. “And little by little” – he added – “I will also redo the hall and the rooms, dedicating them to the various types of motorcyclists. Everyone will be welcome here, but those arriving by motorbike will find a special welcome“. I admit that it seemed like a bit of a gamble right there’ extravagant, but I had in front of me a woman who was very sure of her arguments and who I met several times subsequently and who always showed me enthusiasm and conviction.

I haven't been to Napoleon in a while’ and the Grand Tour of the Alps gave me the opportunity. When I arrived I was amazed. There are now two garages for motorbikes and the lobby looks like a pub with lots of specials on display. The new rooms are well looked after and each one different from the other with motorcycle memorabilia that Patrizia herself searches for and buys in the markets.

I was greeted with a exquisite craft beer locale (for lovers: a Soralama) and the hotel was full of Italian centaurs, tedeschi, Austrians and Swiss who the next day I also met on Colle delle Finestre and Assietta. I asked and they were all enthusiastic about the treatment in a hotel which, despite the many rooms, is often sold out.

That's why I'm writing this post, perché Patrizia bet on motorcyclists and won her bet, so it doesn't just deserve a compliment, but thanks on behalf of the entire category. Brava!

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