The Monte Grappa

On Monte Grappa alpine charm is combined with that of history in a place of memory that can satisfy all tastes: by pleasant streets with panoramic views, the Palladian villas, to distilleries and bars of the lively centers Feltre and Bassano.

When you go on the Monte Grappa in motion?

If for towns in the valley there are no special contraindications (Bassano del Grappa it is found at 130 meters above sea level) the Monte Grappa is over 1700 meters of altitude and therefore it is good to deal with snow and disturbances. Apart from that there are no special restrictions. It remains as always the awareness that over the weekend the place is very popular. As always with the mythical summits, Sunday morning in particular it meets many cyclists and it is good to proceed with extreme caution.

With that momentum going?

As always I try to propose routes to the scope of each type of motion and displacement. In this case you will find yourself at ease especially with a handy medium powered naked.

Where to recharge the electric motorcycle?

As for the electric bikes are some stations Bassano del Grappa, while the rest of the area is quite off guard as shown in the map NextCharge.

Roads and distances

Seventy kilometers divide Bassano del Grappa the Pedavena precisely via Monte Grappa. In my hypothesis itinerary I propose to return to see the landscape in both directions and to have the excuse to do both most exciting roads, those who climb to Monte Grappa from the southern side. In general the roads are good and some’ narrow. The traffic can be heard in the vicinity of the centers as Bassano, Romano d'Ezzelino and Feltre and on the climbs on the weekend. There are no particular problems to report.

What to see in Bassano del Grappa and Feltre?

The wooden bridge, the Museum of the Mountain and the Great War, the Museum of Poles distilleries, Nardini distillery, the city palladiane, Shrine of Monte Grappa, the panoramic view from the top Grappa, the center of Feltre, the Pedavena brewery.

The route on Monte Grappa in brief

The Monte Grappa is able to bewitch with the charm of the alpine landscape, with the severity of the unspoiled joins that unfortunately due to the war events that have marked forever the memory of these places. Here thousands of soldiers lost their lives during the WWI and the area was the scene of major battles in the second war. The memory of the sacrifice is still tangible today and allows us to remember. For this is a place even more emotionally charged for both the avid landscapes and for the history buff. I assumed the starting and arriving at Ponte degli Alpini, symbol of Bassano del Grappa. The beautiful Bassano deserves to be visited and discovered not only for its precious distilleries like Nardini which it is right on the bridge (where to buy a bottle of their famous noodle) one to Poli where there is also an interesting museum of the distillery. To capture the curiosity are the villas and the Palladian residences as we move towards Romano d'Ezzelino. Soon we are faced with a decision: take the SP140, legendary road desired by Cadorna, or SP148 sunny? Both curves and provide memorable views and both lead us to the Shrine of Monte Grappa, place of memory and emotion that holds the remains of about 23.000 fallen. This is why I propose to take one leg and one in the back, to try both! From the Shrine of Monte Grappa, we go down to the felt to admire the beautiful Feltre with its Piazza Maggiore and its villas. Terminus of our journey can only be cozy Birreria Pedavena founded in 1896 rifoccillarci where we can and take some delicious “memory”.

electric motorcycle route valdobbiadene St. boldo Barcis belluno vajont of motoreetto tips

Also in the area I suggest this other route, Valdobbiadene Lake Barcis through the legendary Passo San Boldo:

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