Between castles and paddy fields, in motion in Lomellina

Convenient to reach for those coming from Milan, but also from Piedmont and Emilia, Lomellina is an outstanding area between medieval history and rural culture to feel the knights-errant riding our bike

When riding a bike in Lomellina?

The best time to go in Lomellina with the bike in my opinion is September – October. This is because the colors of the ones that turn into autumn mix well with the mediaeval architecture, while the river water seems to remind us of the inevitable arrival of winter. Obviously the Lomellina is beautiful even in the spring and has a certain charm, even in summer, period in which however the heat (and mosquitoes…) You are heard.

With that momentum going?

By now you know that the routes that I propose are always available to everyone. In this case it is more than ever true, on the contrary, I would say that this path in Lomellina is even more enjoyable with a small displacement bikes and compact size. A po’ because there are no traits “fast”, a powder’ the narrow streets, a powder’ because it is an area that needs to be seen with very slow pace.

Roads and distances

The route is proposed in Lomellina – as always – one of the possible, and certainly not the only one. I made a ring of a hundred kilometers. Had we need to reload moto elettrica it is considered that in the area there are not many stations: an Enel X column in Mede and a Trivulzio, near Bereguardo. I'm sure, however,, that stopping for lunch at one of the many inns, farms or farms will always find cozy and managers available.

The roads are generally very good. In some places are just so narrow country roads, with ditches and canals and especially with gravel and mud left by tractors. As always who goes safely and away you go slowly…

What to see in Lomellina?

In addition to the campaign, to the great rivers and canals and rice fields to the waters, Lomellina is rich in history. Here the Middle Ages and the rural culture and blend in an area of ​​a few kilometers there are little jewels on which to dwell. I quote some:

The route soon

The architectural perfection Piazza Ducale in Vigevano It is the perfect setting to start this level route and the relaxed pace, which leads us to walk between medieval history and rural life. Take the time to visit Vigevano. There is advice, but an order! The ideal is from here in one of the days of the Palio in mid-October, to feel a bit’ a knight errant of land and time.

From Vigevano we move in Mortara before stopping at the Castle Isimbardi a Castello d'Agogna for a visit.

We can then proceed to Cozzo and Breme, but I recommend to stretch around to the Park closed the Sesia at Palestro. A hit and run only to watch the waters of the great river, maybe stopping in for a moment of meditation, perché no.

Then we return towards the Lomellina and reach Sartīūk and its Visconti Castle where there is also an interesting stack of the fourteenth century. Rice is the gold of these plains and it is good to remember and honor him with a nice risotto, I recommend.

We aim then the wheels towards the flood plain of the Po to see the Castle of Frascarolo prior to reverse course and touch Thanks, Lomello, Ferrera Erbognone and the last castle, to Germany.

From here we follow the road that comes alive through the fields and brings us on Ticino. We cross it on the original bridge Bereguardo, built on barges. Here a photo for your Instagram channel is a must. As well as a stop at the famous Baracca Bereguardo.


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