From Valdobbiadene in Barcis passing by the San Boldo

One of my favorite routes in motion: from the rolling hills of Valdobbiadene in the Veneto region through the incredible Passo San Boldo, the touching Vajont dam up to the quiet Lake Barcis in Friuli.

When you go from Valdobbiadene to Barcis?

From March to October without delay. The maximum fee is not very high but it is still the mountain, so not recommend it to anyone who is not prepared to go in the winter months.

Distance and road

The proposed route is about 130 km and they are sufficient to commit most of the day, especially if we stop. the climbs, descents and very twisty sections not miss (See the video below!). Asphalt is generally good and slopes make life difficult for small displacements. If you are traveling with an electric bike it is however absolutely perfect.

What to see in Valdobbiadene and Barcis?

The view over the vineyards of Valdobbiadene (Malga Mariech especially on a clear day), the Passo San Boldo, downtown Belluno, the Vajont dam a Erto and Casso and Lake Barcis.

The route soon

Our itinerary starts in the fine wine vineyards in Prosecco Valdobbiadene in Veneto and ends at Lake Barcis in Friuli Venezia Giulia. In between are many curves and one of the most incredible mountain passes, That of the San Boldo, and the commotion of Vajont dam, one of the saddest pagini of our history. The distance and the type of road may be more or less difficult depending on the medium and experience, then make sure that the bike and rider are in full form. For this you should, if you're in the area, to spend the night in Valdobbiadene so he can “digest” all of Prosecco tastings… Already at the start of these hills I suggest you take a scenic detour towards Pianezza and Malga Mariech (They can reach the most willing simple dirt road on a stretch). You climb on a very narrow Careggi before falling back with a toboggan and resume to Colmellere SP36 and continue towards the San Boldo. Once we've crossed this work of 1918 and his 5 switchbacks go back down the tunnel to the Piave Valley and within a few kilometers we are Belluno. We continue to go up the Piave to Longarone where we deviate towards Erto, just follow the signs. We go to the theater so immense tragedy of the dam 1963; you can take a guided tour to pay tribute to the victims. I highly recommend, however,, get organized in advance by consulting the Visitor Center on the site of the Friulian Dolomites Park. The route then continues on SR251 precisely that crosses the Park of the Friulian Dolomites and following the stream Cellina brings us to placido Lago di Barcis, Perfect for refreshment after a day in the saddle.

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