Between Palladio and cod, my itinerary in the center of Vicenza

An itinerary to be lived very slow in the architectural beauties of the center of Vicenza without forgetting an escape in the province, the hunt for the best cod Vicenza.

The beautiful city of Vicenza It is a gem that should be admired and lived by taking their own schedule. A journey into the heart of the Veneto between the Palladian villas can not avoid a spin in the center that most of all bears the marks of the great master. But how to orient? That's the route I have followed in the implementation of video “Vicenza in electrical” and some useful tips.

When you go to Vicenza?

Vicenza has no particular foreclosures and any time is good. My advice, tuttavia, It is to go to the end of September because the weather is great and you can take advantage of Feast of cod Vicenza Sandrigo.

What to see in Vicenza?

The list of things to do in Vicenza is very long. We start, however, by missed: Monte Berico, Teatro Olimpico, Basilica Palladiana and Piazza dei Signori with the Loggia del Capitanio, civic art gallery Palazzo Chiericati, the church of Santa Corona. With the exception of the Monte Berico sanctuary, are all within walking distance and once parked you can follow with a walk around Corso Palladio and live so also the “struscio” citizen.

To advice the itinerary?

For those not in a hurry and appreciate the beauty and the legacies of history.

Find all the information you need and much more on the portal of tourist information of the province of Vicenza:

If you are looking for a restaurant in Vicenza, which are the best.

If the cod Vicenza done according to tradition what you are looking, then you have to do is rely on cooks approved by the venerable Confraternity of Baccalà.


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