KTM also renunciation of fairs 2020

The list could get very long in coming days: after BMW also KTM renunciation of fairs 2020, so no Intermot and EICMA nothing.

Can not at this time have guarantees on how the situation will be in the coming months and a company that works in a global context needs to plan ahead. That, after the first announcement yesterday by BMW Motorrad, anche KTM publicly renounce to participate in any global fair or exhibition, as stated in the press.

A hard blow to swallow for all.

“Given the uncertainty relating to restrictions on public gatherings in force in most countries, at the moment it is very difficult to plan properly international events. The annual success of these events also sees hundreds of thousands of visitors gather in confined spaces, for a period that lasts days and even weeks. For these reasons, KTM AG has identified its exclusion as a way to contribute to a secure and strong return to normal activities.”

The tone used by KTM is a bit’ diverso, however,, from that of BMW. It seems more optimistic about the future and says he will continue to develop its products and the ways in which present. Talk of a small braking and declares its readiness to open the throttle.

These words Hubert Trunkenpolz, CMO of KTM AG: "Trade shows are the cornerstone of the business of the entire motorcycle industry, but given the global situation, the health of our people become the top priority. We made this decision after careful thought, and as a company, KTM AG would be grateful and interested if the organizers of the fairs, and EICMA in particular, They took into account the events of the shift to 2021 when, we hope and expect, the situation will be back to normal. "

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