The Gilera 300. [Podcast]

A Gilera 300 twin, beautiful like a wet dream. This is history in Moto Pasquale Bruno and two broke friends who dream big Brescia in the early fifties.

generous, folli, introverted or eccentric, kissed by luck or convicted by an unspeakable fate. They motorcyclists, men and women ignited by a passion difficult to explain to those who fail the test, but that motivates them to selections from the pack and sometimes at great businesses. Since childhood I have been fascinated by their stories and decided to raccontartele. These are my Stories In Motion.

The Gilera B300

I decided to record a podcast because there are so many stories that deserve to be told or sometimes re-told.

If you like and do not want any perdertene ISCRIVITI to my YouTube channel or on Spreaker page the, yet, listen to them on Spotify o Google Podcasts.

If you have a story to tell or suggest SCRIVIMI.

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