In motion for the Langhe

A simple and itinerary suitable for all bikes to explore the famous Langhe, where great wines like Barolo, Dolcetto, l’Arneis, Barbera and Barbaresco. Recommended as a first experience in the area.

When riding a bike in the Langhe?

Who knows how many times you've heard of Langhe, land that gives us precious nectar known worldwide. Le Langhe, however,, are not only great for a wine tasting, but also for motorcycle tourism. If with your bike you've never been around here, I suggest this route you can do pretty much all year. Periods favorites are early spring or in September, when the weather is sweet and pretty long days. Keep in mind that, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, in some centers, soprattutto Barolo, It pours a lot of people in the car. The wine tourism is an important source of income here.

Road and distances

This One simple route in the Langhe It is especially designed for those who are here for the first time and therefore provides an overview of the area giving the opportunity to see a little’ the whole area covering less than a hundred kilometers. Obviously those who have more time and want to deepen, It will have no difficulty in adding more without the fear of being disappointed. For example it will be for him simply follow the roads that cut in the middle of this route passing through beautiful vineyards. The roads in the valley are generally better maintained but also the busiest, while those “scavallano” They are sometimes narrow, so particular care is required both because you can meet someone not so cautious is because it is very likely that after a curve there is the introduction of a farm. In altre parole: Ocio to tractors! Like any area frequented by this vehicle, Also in the Langhe it is very easy to find on the surface compacted mud or gravel. The slopes are generally gentle.

What to see in the Langhe?

The Langhe They offer much to motorcycle tourists. Needless to say the wine here is a valuable resource, and that the visitor can get lost among the vineyards of Barbaresco and Barolo enjoying a splendid view. On the way there are numerous wineries, although the most valuable (and equipped for tourism) They are found mostly in the center of Barolo. Definitely worth a visit to the village of Neive and the Grinzane Cavour Castle and La Morra belvedere.

The route soon

I did this route in pairs in order to relax a weekend and I chose a very good agriturismo in Santo Stefano Belbo as a base, both for the position and for favorable prices compared to the best-known villages. From the town that gave birth to the writer Cesare Pavese, I headed toward the pretty medieval town of Neive. From here they pass through the vineyards of Nebbiolo Barbaresco to the small center that gives the wine its name. Our descent continues to Alba with its town core. Alba is the only real city in the area with its services but also more traffic compared to the small villages of the district. The route then takes us to another medieval village, to Grinzane Cavour one of the favorite places of Count Camillo Benso di Cavour who administered the city for 17 years. After a visit to the castle, now home of the Enoteca Regionale Piemontese, the Ethnographic Museum and the memorabilia of Cavour, we head to La Morra to enjoy its belvedere. Let us travel back towards Barolo where we stop to admire the town and its fine wine cellars. Can we stop here, or enjoy the beautiful curves strokes through the vineyards up to Monforte d'Alba and, a Pedaggera, up towards Lequio and then Borgomale. Ma, come detto, this is just one of the many possibilities offered by the Langhe. A tip is to have more and more space on board to be able to bring home some good bottle of wine, hazelnuts, chocolate, torrone…

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