Pantera, the e-bike that looks like a moped

Verve Cycleworks' first e-bike is called Pantera and recalls the regularity-style scooters and bikes of the years 70-80. I have tried it.

I follow the events of Eugenio & members from even before they debuted on the market with their low budget bikes with a classic flavor. I got to see its evolution up close trying all models and always staying in touch with them. When, even before the pandemic, they confessed to me that they also work on one e-bike that combines the practicality of assisted pedaling with the look of mopeds and regularity bikes from the late seventies I couldn't help but encourage them once again. And here we are, therefore, with that e-bike in your hands.

They called her Panther also because it could only be painted black as is the custom of Verve Motorcycles. But don't worry, it is also available in gray and green. For the occasion, a new brand is also making its debut Verve Cycleworks, as it should be.

I had Pantera available for a few days and used it in every way I could: from going on errands to “throw me” in the bike park and on the forest paths here behind my house.

Verve Cycleworks Pantera: My Review.

Sturdy ditcher of our days, the Pantera is a fat bike with 20 tires×4″ which, as anticipated, is inspired by the aesthetics of the late seventies and early eighties of bicycles and mopeds. And in fact to a distracted glance it could pass for a tubone modified for manifestations of regularity or Monferraglia.

The robust aluminum frame comes in one size and unisex, there is no adjustment of the saddle which is located in 89 cm from the ground and this is the only limit of a design that is otherwise pleasant in my opinion and that hits the target. It turns out in fact a powder’ high for who is come on 170 cm down e un po’ small for those who exceed 190 cm. Those in the middle are comfortable despite the position in the saddle is more like a motorbike than a bike.

It should not be interpreted as an ebike for pedaling lovers therefore, ma come an alternative means of shortening distances, to stand out on the way home – school or why not work, that mica must use it only for young people.

The endowment, especially in relation to the price, is remarkable: fork from 35 mm adjustable in preload and compression, disc brakes from 180 mm, Shimano Acera ad 8 relationships, led headlight from 5 ¾ and rear with brake light, but above all both torque and cadence sensors.

The help of the engine (250 W peaking at 750 W) è adjustable on five levels and the Samsung cell battery is from 500 Wh per 50 km range. The overall weight, which is well, inevitably affects the distance 31 kg. Soon you will be able to buy with 200 € more also the battery from 840 Wh.

Black, green or gray, chassis and engine are made in China but assembled in Spain, has warranty of 2 years and is shipped free of charge throughout Europe in one week.

Personalmente I found it well done, easy to use and worthy heir of the mythical mopeds with respect to which it has many advantages, not only because it goes on cycle paths and bike parks. The engine responds well and is well modulated, you immediately get to overcome the 20 km / h without excessive effort and indeed the faster you go, the more you use the help of the engine and it seems to force less. On the level, a less agile gear ratio or lowering the engine aid is enough to feel the pedal stroke for those who prefer to transfer a little’ more than watts with their own legs. All in all, therefore, works well. The only limits are due to the reduced possibilities of adjustment and load capacity. However, it is one “fun bike”, that you buy more for the look than for the practical implications.


  • Look
  • Equipment / price ratio
  • Good engine response and functionality in general


  • Not very incisive brakes especially the rear
  • Little saddle “ciclistica” and ergonomic when you need to pedal more
  • Lack of size adjustments
  • Absence of attachments for bags or accessories (however, a luggage rack is available as an option)
Text, Nicola Andreetto's video and photogallery // Motoreetto.
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