From Bologna Forli via Raticosa, Futa, Mugello and alto

A great classic of the weekend routes for the Tuscan-Emilian bikers hundreds gather on Raticosa Pass those coming from the Mugello and the Futa and who from Bologna. Definitely a must that can not fail also to the member of motorcyclists from other areas.

This route is for you?

As for the route of 4 steps Sellaronda, even in the case of this path towards Mugello, Raticosa and Futa Pass, I do not reveal any mysterious path, but something very familiar to experienced riders. Therefore I appeal mainly to beginners and those who want to start making tourism with its moto elettrica: here is another route that you have to do at least once in a lifetime maybe, perché no, going to see Motorcycle Grand Prix of Italy.

Where recharge electric bikes?

For the latter point out that the area is not particularly provided with columns. At the time of writing, there is one in Scarperia at La Marzocco coffee or one at the Republic Square in Dicomano. With a small deviation from the route that I propose, They are those of the Designer Outlet of Barberino del Mugello. Anyway invitation to consult before setting off their own reference application, For example NextCharge.

When you go on Raticosa?

The Raticosa Pass is 968 m and that of a Futa 903 masl: it is not therefore prohibitive heights, However, I can not recommend the winter months unless you are not experienced and equipped. For the rest of the Apennine playground is always ideal. At the weekend is Raticosa, Futa is both Muraglione are much frequented by motorcyclists and steps, purtroppo, a good portion of them tries to show off their driving skills to, not always successfully. Because if you go to the floor Raticosa you're a loser, obviously. Ecco, I advise you to go at your pace and to always pay close attention to what others do for the road, not what they say to the chalet.

Road and distances between Raticosa, Futa, Mugello and alto

From Bologna Forli via Raticosa, Futa, Mugello and Muraglione is a ride of about 190 km, for more than Apennine road. Asphalt is generally good and the traffic is felt mostly in the valley, so it's really a good lap dedicated mainly to those who want to stay in motion all day.

What see

And of course at the Mugello circuit – mecca of speed continuously since '94 is home to the Motorcycle Grand Prix of Italy – If you've never been Steps Raticosa, Futa and Muraglione represent a stage to remember, perhaps with a nice picture. For history lovers, on the Passo della Futa, in addition to, there is also an important German military cemetery.

The route soon

The Mugello Circuit It is one of the most beautiful trails and appreciated around the world and already alone can be a valid excuse to tackle this beautiful itinerary. From 1994 hosts without interruption the Italian Grand Prix valid for the World MotoGP, but beyond that viewers see us, thanks to its location can be a destination for many exciting itineraries and what we propose is only one of the possible. Leaving Bologna traffic behind, San Lazzaro cross the Gessi Bolognesi Park on SP36 reaching Flat, considered one of the happiest towns in Italy. The landscape has already changed and the fun began. From here the road climbs gently and SP65 as a carnival brings us to Raticosa Pass, now entered into the mythology of motorcyclists throughout the boot. Here, every weekend will gather hundreds of riders who stop to chat to Raticosa Chalet. Staying on the SP65 then we reach the Passo della Futa, other obligatory stop the motorcycle travels. Staying on the SP65 go down the slope and in Saint Lucia take the SP39 and then the SP37 in Galliano up to the sight of the circuit. From here we continue towards Borgo San Lorenzo Dicomano and then before taking the SS67 that leads to the Passo del Muraglione, Another popular haunt for many centaurs. The same road then brings us in Emilia Romagna Castrocaro and Forlì, ideal conclusion of this process.

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