10 to dispel myths about electric bikes. All you need to know.

On the electric motorcycle circulates still a lot of misinformation, a popular belief mix, fake news mixed with clichés, elements of truth and a hint of fear for what in fact undermines many of our certainties.

Since I started to explore the theme of moto elettrica, I always get the same comments and – I admit – it is sometimes a little’ frustrating. Sometimes these claims have a grain of truth, but most of the time they are based on old and already outdated information thanks to technological evolution when they are not completely bogus and based on clichés and popular beliefs often without any foundation.

As I have often repeated, the electric is not the solution to all the ills.

As the same bike – how much more virtuous car – non lo è. Perciò, far from wanting to embark on a crusade here and now in favor of the electric tout court, I decided to answer once and for all to 10 most common myths about electric bikes in hopes of helping those who are seeking information and who is smart enough to ask questions and seek answers. I answered according to my research and my personal experience: when I write this article (I will try to keep updated) I traveled about 10.000 km in electric, 7.000 of which on the same bike, una Zero Motorcycles DSR.

In this article, then, I picked up briefly but EVERYTHING EVERYTHING you need to know about electric bikes.

I have compiled the 10 most widespread myths and for each one you will find below a short article devoted to the response. Here, therefore, the answers to 10 most common myths about electric bikes!

1 – The electric motorcycle pollutes more than a normal motorcycle

2 – The electric bike has little autonomy

3 – There are columns: foot rest

4 – The electric bike is boring, is not it funny how a REAL motorcycle

5 – We are facing a future of constant blackouts!

6 – We will pass from the tyranny of oil to that of lithium

7 – Batteries do not dispose

8 – The electric bikes are expensive

9 – The electric bike is dangerous because motorists will not hear you

10 – La moto elettrica? it's all a conspiracy (Chinese, marketing or elites)

I replied to 10 the most common myths about electric bikes. From the issues that affect the autonomy and charging, infrastructure to those rather more complex Supply Lithium and Cobalt. I tried to explain why an electric motorcycle pollutes less than a traditional bike and I even dared to mention the noise!

Però, however,… there is still something to be said.

I like to be frank and sincere, so I have to also say that There is a myth that is not a myth, which motorcycle I can not answer:

What is lacking in the electric motorcycle to convince all?

So we come down to one of the reasons that led me to learn more about the electric bike using it for a year instead of my traditional bike: we can not pretend it's not happening, we can not reject it without trying to understand it.

Electric mobility in the next decade will change our habits of road users. Before we begin to understand what it is, better to live this transition and most likely we will have to play it to our advantage.

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