The will in the desert

“In the Sahara life evaporates like fog” Saint-Exupéry wrote after being missing for three days in the desert in the 1935. But he did not know that that experience of extreme contact with death later would also be on daring motorcyclists. This is the story of Aldo Winkler and his Paris-Dakar from 1989.

The protagonist of today's story is Aldo Winkler, race number 129 of the Paris-Dakar of 1989. During that edition of the competition, Aldo broke his motorbike and was lost in the desert without food or water.

Somehow he thus collected the will of Saint-Exupéry (author of “The little Prince”) who had the same experience in 1935 and Thierry Sabine who was just after surviving a similar story in 1977 who decided to build Paris – Dakar, the race in which Aldo is participating when his bike breaks down, leaving him alone in the middle of nowhere.

That of Aldo Winkler – a person known in the world also for his entrepreneurial activities – it is a story that has always aroused curiosity and that has fueled the fascination of the great desert race. It was he himself who told the press, especially on the number 2 of Moto Sprint del 1989 and to the journalist Alfredo Filippone for the magazine Rombo. It is also mentioned in the beautiful book “Dakar, hell in the Sahara” by Beppe Donazzan. And who knows how many other times he had to tell it… A little nuisance in exchange for surviving four days in the desert. Now that I've spoiled the ending for you, I'll let you find out how by listening to this episode of my podcast.

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