Benelli 752S, a review… Brutale.

Sporty, gritty with an Italian passport but by a Chinese mother, the Benelli 752S marks the return of the Pesaro brand among the displacements that count, which they like here in Europe and in a very fierce segment, that of naked sports.

What a bike it is?

The new Benelli 752S marks the return of the Pesaro brand to the large-displacement naked sports segment. He does it with a muscular style and that draws heavily on the stylistic features of Italian production: Ducati Monster and MV Agusta in the first place are the stylistic references to which the Benelli designers were inspired to create a motorcycle with a pleasant and refined look. There is also some element of originality especially at the rear in a sort of hunt for one's own personality between one quote and another.

Moving on to more technical issues, the 752S is moved by an in-line twin cylinder 754 cc liquid cooled and accredited 76 CV a 8500 rpm and 67 Nm a 6500 giri. The wheels are obviously 17″ and fit Pirelli Angel ST original equipment 120/70 and 180/55. A Brembo system with four-piston calipers and radial attachment to work on two 320 mm and at the rear double piston caliper on disk from 260 mm.

All elements that communicate a strong sportiness like the mighty Marzocchi fork from 50 mm of adjustable diameter in extension, compression and preload. The monoshock, instead, it is adjustable in preload only.

The price of 6.990 Euro and the two-cylinder front-facing place it in direct competition with the Yamaha MT-07 e Kawasaki Z650, whose style however is, giustamente, much more… Japanese.

How it is made?

The construction looks very good and the details are taken care of. The matte black handlebar has simple but well-made controls, the cable clutch lever is not adjustable in distance while the front brake lever is. The instrumentation is totally digital with a TFT display containing the classic information in a simple and clear graphics but which changes suddenly and completely as soon as you pass in the shade. There is no extra information such as the calculation of consumption and during the day with the sun rising above it is often illegible.

To improve morale there is a good level of components for the chassis and a trellis frame that seems well done.

The saddle is a bit’ hard but well shaped and behind the space it is sufficient for a passenger who in any case remains very exposed as, del resto, it always happens in this motion segment.

I conclude with a note on the mirrors, captivating in design but completely ineffective in fulfilling their task.

benelli 752s

How you are riding?

The session is located in 810 mm from the ground, therefore, a standard measure, so to speak, which is a bit satisfying’ all. The knees are very bent and the platforms are not particularly backward.

Further away appears the handlebar which has a good bend but inevitably it is a bit’ lean forward. Also in this case it is a common feature in the kind of motorcycle and in the type of driving it requires.

You are obviously completely exposed to the air as it is right on a naked bike, but it is also exposed to vibrations especially above 4000 giri. While the Benelli 752S engine roars with a more interesting sound, vibrations are perceived on the handlebar, saddle and footrests that do not make it an ideal choice if you want to go a long way. Finally the weight of 226 kg in running order is a bit’ high and in standing maneuvers it begins to be felt.

As you drive?

Elbows a little’ open, gas always in hand, forward bust and look to always look for the rope. The Benelli 752S requires a sporty approach even if it is not so clear what its favorite hunting ground is. It goes quite well a little’ everywhere as long as you find the right suspension setting. The Marzocchi fork has excellent communication and is very smooth, while the rear mono does not absorb much. In the specimen that was entrusted to me there was a certain imbalance of adjustments but not having the official reference of the House with me I do not know what the standard adjustment was. In this case, I had a lot of preload on the rear, while the fork would have been braked. This did not stop me from appreciating its qualities.

Piuttosto it was the clutch that left me more than perplexed. The command is definitely not very modular and it is never clear where to disconnect. Again I hope it was a defect in the bike that I tried. On more than one occasion, after standing still at the traffic light with the clutch pulled, I had the feeling that the discs were sticking with the consequence of making her jump and turn off worse than a beginner. And certain figures mark you! Finally, leverage is far too cheap.

The engine has good power and grit, it sounds boarding and in a few meters you are already well beyond the speed limits. However, the delivery seems less reactive than the Japanese competitors, how there were more important flywheel masses. In other words it seems like an engine more “heavy” and – pass me the deadline – lazy in taking turns. The six-speed gearbox is a bit’ hard in the grafts but precise.
The braking system is excellent, especially at the front, for power and progression; it can be improved in the modulation of the command, perhaps a lever with a radial pumping element could help. Something is wrong with the’ABS which is very invasive specie al retrotreno.

What I like?

Except the fork both for the many adjustments and for the communication: it is the element that most contributes to driving pleasure. I like the price – even if in fact it is aligned with the competition – and braking power.

What I do not like?

Eh… The clutch on everything, A real disaster. The rear mono, the vibrations, the display that changes graphics when it pleases, the mirrors, the crease of the knees, the heat from the exhaust on the passenger foot, weight, the consumption (17-18 km / l when it is good). 

To the council

The Benelli 752S is designed for those looking for accessible and low-cost sportiness in a refined and Italian design as possible. However, those who are more attentive to sportiness will end up not choosing it for its main weaknesses. The 725S slips into a very competitive segment in terms of driving pleasure and content, therefore I fear it will not have the “easy life” who smiled at Leoncino and TRK. I certainly don't recommend it to anyone who loves to travel.

Massimiliano Serra photos.

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