Triumph Bonneville T120 Black

Triumph Bonneville T120 Black! Beautiful to look at and to drive, thanks to twin 1200 the 105 Nm a 3.100 revolutions and the pure chassis. But it's OK to travel? It is a motorcycle “too quiet”? it is boring? it is comfortable? To answer I walked with her 2.000 km, including a trip to Provence and the Camargue with passenger and bags.

Vintage, classic, heritage ... there are various ways to label bikes that combine timeless style with modern performance, a trend which in recent years has involved almost all brands. But if we were to elect a representative that would be the Triumph Bonneville, one who has been able to reinvent and revitalize the segment.

Today I speak of T120, abbreviation as well as a look at their historical predecessor sixty years ago, It tells us something extra: Twin e 1200, or two-cylinder in-line and a greater cubic volume than in the past.

Together we made a ride in Provence and the Camargue, so I feel ready to tell, as always, everything I've learned about her.

Triumph Bonneville T120 Black: that motion is?

The T120 is the bigger sister and matures in Bonneville Family. Compared to Street Twin, Street Scrambler, Street Cup and T100 engine is 1.200 rather than 900, cubage obtained by increasing the bore, but the differences do not stop here.

As we know on this engine we have articulated a range of modern classic which now has also the new Speed ​​Twin and Scrambler as well as Bobber and Speedmaster

But back to the T120 and immediately dispel a myth: it is not a classicona that is good only for going to the bar, but as I have experienced in my journey Bonneville is the reference for those who want to grind the road.

The twin has a Couple of 105 Nm a soli 3.100 giri, then 20 more and almost 200 rpm less than the 900. Translated: The T120 has a nice shot at low and should not be squeezed, with benefits on relaxation driving and consumption, really good: I did about 20 to the gallon on the highway and even 22, 23 the mixture in two and with luggage.

Even the potency showed an increase of 30 Hp compared to T100, especially not by little if you want to travel, no sixth gear and the tank 14,5 litri (Twin on the Street is 12).

Di contro, always compared to the T100, we have ten pounds to bring us below for a total of 224. While the seat height is always available to everyone: 790 mm as well as the wheels are from 17 at the rear and 18 the forecarriage, obviously then rays attention even if fitted as standard with the Pirelli Phantom that are tubeless (and moreover excellent), need of the inner tube.

Always compared to T100, we find a dumbbell slightly wider, double front disc brake with Nissin dual-piston caliper and heated grips of series.

What made the Triumph Bonneville T120 Black?

The construction level is excellent and the details are taken care not only from a stylistic point of view. In addition to the form, there is substance in addition to classicism's current technology.

The example there gives it the power, which it is obviously injection but it gives the illusion of having the carburetors still. The throttle control is wireless and you can choose two riding modes: Road e Rain. The second provides an even smoother throttle response for when the track is slippery, but honestly so far I have not felt the need.

Then there is ABS, obviously, and traction control switched off.

The instrument has a dual analog clock inside which are formed two displays that collect the various functions: dai trip, al traction control, from the level of the heated hand grips to instantaneous consumption, by the indicator of the fuel level to riding mode inserted. There is even the Gear Indicator.

Definitely It is a modern motorcycle in all and for all, but with the taste that never goes out of style.

For the trip I used the pair of original bags Triumph waxed cotton. I am not new, but they deserve a quick description. Classic in design, They are very beautiful and well made, with a practical and hidden attack, but they are also little capacious if you are traveling in two, soltanto 13,8 liter one o'clock, They are not waterproof, They are without lock and, a parer mio, do not come cheap.

As you're riding a Triumph Bonneville T120?

I find the location very natural riding, mette subito a proprio agio and it allows you to have everything perfectly under control. The saddle handlebar footrests triangulation is judicious for me as 1 meter and 74 cm and not tired even after several hours. The saddle is comfortable as well as beautiful.

Ok, It will not have the royal comfort of a tourer, held lowest average, but those who believe that to travel serves to force a Tiger 1200 You should have a nice vacation on this T120.

The passenger enjoys a treat of all respect with a good portion of the saddle, a comfortable handle and even the fold of the knee is not tiring.

The wind in your face is part of the game when you are choosing a motorcycle as this, and the absence of aerodynamic appendages – that can be mounted as an option – You are felt only when traveling on the highway. Not the beloved land from the T120 even if, once you set the sixth, It pushes to the motorone 130 relaxed at times 3.500 giri.

As you drive the Triumph Bonneville T120?

peaceful Belli, but not slow therefore. The T120 is not a bike for young frantic, but it is far from a motorcycle for old men. Let's say a mature motion for mature bikers.

It drives with its own taste between the curves where it is not difficult to get to creep the footrests (thanks to the reduced ground clearance and excellent Phantom).

The engine responds beautiful ready, with a light on / off, and when accelerating drives properly. The beauty, however,, è drive with a wisp of gas, leaving an even more money and taking advantage of its good elasticity.

The transmission is a bit 'hard but accurate, the clutch is soft and is also good for both the braking power for both scalability.

The suspensions are calibrated appropriately on the soft. The fork is not adjustable (purtroppo), while the two rear shocks are preload, but only with the appropriate key.

And it is appropriate to do so if two people traveling together because otherwise tend to do some 'rocking the bike over the potholes and expand the easing trajectories over the front. After nearly 2.000 km along I think the only thing on which interverrei – with the adjustments first and then possibly in more substantial manner… – It is just the rear shocks.

Prezzo, intervals of manutezione, used…

Per il resto It is a bike that I personally find fantastic and yes, I would buy!

Beautiful to ride either alone or with passenger, when you stop you can not help but be a moment to look at her: I especially like this Black construction or with all the details blacks combined with matt black paint and saddle brown.

For lovers of chrome of course there is the "standard" version also available with the classic two-tone paint. For both the Service intervals are every 16.000 km and the price starts at 12.900 Euro, then 2.000 Euros more than the T100.

As always I gave an eye on the second hand market and are mostly the T120 with a few kilometers. The savings compared to the new is not high, both because the bike was only introduced in 2016, and because the value held is high As with all Modern Classic Triumph.

To recommend the Triumph Bonneville T120 Black?

Well I would say to those who are attracted to the classic but knows it will use a lot the bike both in the home and work for both holiday and therefore fears that the 55 HP T100 can keep up a bit 'narrow. The T120 is a great travel companion provided you get down to some compromise with the load capacity and protection to air. In return, you can indulge in personalization and taste that gives road is truly unique.


  1. Interesting review of a motion that is absolutely a myth of its kind. I like the way you write the bike and how it accounts. Even your movies are pleasant and never dull. So I'll only praise, but I would say that the merits.
    A flashing.

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