From Cadore to Val Venosta: the second day of the Alpi Grand Tour

The second itinerary of my Alps Grand Tour takes us through the Dolomites on some of the most scenic passes in the entire Alps such as Valparola and Gardena

The second day of the trip’Alpi Grand Tour 2022 it took me to the heart of the Dolomites. And if this group is so famous all over the world for its beauty, there will be a reason no?

One could very well spend all of one's time in this area, but our mission is to go from Trieste to Nice in just six stages, so right here we decided to walk away “starvation” choosing perhaps the fastest among the many possibilities available. Also because my second day was constantly threatened by thunderstorms. Dodged most of the time, in the end the water arrived and this led me to choose the smoothest and best paved road to get as close as possible to the Stelvio Pass.

If you still don't know my phantom Alpi Grand Tour because maybe you came across this article by chance, I invite you to watch the video story of the first part.

What see?

Well here it is precisely the case to say that there is an embarrassment of choice. The itinerary of this second stage is entirely dedicated to the natural beauty of the Dolomites, but there is certainly no shortage of centers worthy of note, on the contrary. It passes through some of the most renowned Alpine resorts such as Cortina d'Ampezzo, Corvara in Val Badia and Val Gardena with Selva and Ortisei just to mention the best known names. But you also pass through some of the most scenic passes such as Falzarego and Election slogan besides of course Gardena.


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