The most interesting bikes from EICMA 2021, secondo me

Back from EICMA, I take stock of the new bikes that have struck me the most. Which will have left its mark enough to enter my personal “BEST OF”?

EICMA, the most important motorcycle event in Italy (ma non solo, since it is one of the most sought-after world showcases in the sector) is back. The first Milan exhibition after COVID-19 (or maybe I should say “durante”?) has been talked about even before starting: between limitations, masks, green pass and some sensational defections, we wondered if it was really appropriate to do so. It was decided to do this edition anyway, despite the increase in infections in the same days. However, I do not want to enter into this discussion, it is not the case and it is not the right place. As an insider who attended the entire Milanese week, I can only say that the level of attention to distancing and precautions was high at the beginning and has gradually decreased with the increase in visitors, which I think is unfortunately inevitable.. And I can add that the public responded affirmatively to the appeal. I saw many guys and in any case a high turnout, so much to ask myself how every year if actually those who go to EICMA are also motorcyclists. But let's move on to the things that interest us:

What was beautiful about EICMA?

To answer this question I have decided to write two posts. This is the first and concerns traditional or proper or endothermic motorcycles… In short, those who do pious pious. The second post instead is this one and concerns the electron novelties which this year were more than usual. We would then like a third post about girls, but you know it's not my style, let's say that I prefer to admire and not comment.

As for traditional motorcycles, the choice between the novelties this year was quite easy. I'm not saying this just because some brands of weight were missing (BMW, KTM, Husqvarna, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Indian…) but why it is not a time of great exploits, is a year of necessity a little’ interlocutory. However, there was no shortage of something to fantasize about for the winter months. I go in alphabetical order, not necessarily by preference and below you will not find the technical data as much as my thoughts on each model:

Aprilia Tuareg 660

there is little left to say about the Aprilia Tuareg 660, sophisticated and crafty dual sport that has been talked about far and wide before the fair that, however,, it was in fact his first public appearance. It seems to me a very interesting proposal that will make life at the Yamaha Ténéré more difficult with a diametrically opposite approach: if the Japanese has focused on the absence of electronics, sulla sua “basicity”, the Aprilia has instead refined electronics. Consequently, the price also increases. Nice iron made in Italy, however,.

Benelli TRK 800

There was a lot of anticipation for the TRK 800, yet it was enough to take a look at the QJ Motor 750 to already have a rough idea of ​​what to expect. Ad ogni modo, la TRK 500 it arrived without being expected by anyone and quietly it became the best-selling bike in Italy, so I think it's pretty normal for the TRK 800 expectations have grown hand in hand. From the comments heard around it seems to me not to have disappointed, for the moment. It has all the credentials to become another best-seller: captivating line, decent performance, attack price (which is assumed under i 10 mila euro). It is just a pity that circumstances did not allow Benelli to bring it in a definitive but still prototype guise. Ecco, call her “concept” anche no. Let's say it is not final, but this is the bike and will arrive within the 2022. Ah, yes it is, it is lighter than the 500.

Bimot KB4

Good or bad, I still haven't quite understood it, but certainly does not leave you indifferent as a Bimota should do. There is no doubt, however, that it is refined in its chassis – just like a Bimota should do. The engine is that of the Kawasaki Z1000SX, then one of the best street four cylinders that there are in circulation. A frame equipped with a swingarm that is commotion: look at it closely and caress it (I managed to do it) to understand what I'm talking about. The bike is extremely compact and short and even the cooling has been moved under the saddle to gain centimeters. What didn't gain was the fairing that became so much more “important” because of the air ducts. However you think about it, it's an interesting bike.

CF Moto 800 MT

Attenzione, perché the Chinese army prophesied by Nostradamus could arrive astride one of these! For some time we have been getting to know the brand CF Moto, a well-established reality in the People's Republic where it not only produces 600.000 vehicles per year, but builds motorcycles of a good quality level that today can face the demanding Western market head-on alongside the already well-known ATVs that have made it known even here in Europe. It is no coincidence that it has long been chosen as a production partner by KTM. Look at this one 800 MT, a road enduro in two versions (Touring e Sport) with a complete equipment to say the least, it has a twin cylinder 790 cc (remember anything?) and shares very close to those of the Austrian cousin. The price, however, will be much lower, intorno ai 9.000 euro for an adventure bike with which to go around the world. It should definitely be kept an eye on, also because the distribution in Italy is entrusted to Padana Development Group.

Honda Hornet concept

One of the few real surprises of EICMA was Honda’s unexpected statement regarding the Hornet’s return, a medium displacement naked that marked an era at the beginning of the new millennium and which then gave way to the excellent, but less personal, CB 650 F. For many of my generation the Hornet was the first real bike and it was a great success. Negli ultimi tempi, instead, Honda struggles a bit’ in this segment. Perhaps for this reason it is assumed that the new model is no longer with the four-cylinder in line, but with a lighter twin cylinder of approx 700-800 cc. I hypothesize that it may be a unit derived from that of the Africa Twin – NT1100 and can also be used for an adventure bike that could, che so, maybe called Transalp. Chissà…

Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello

I finally saw it live. It was one of the bikes that intrigued me the most and I can say that it did not disappoint my expectations, at least for what concerns the first glance. The Moto Guzzi centenary bike it is different from everything around, it can fit into many categories and none and for this very reason does it make me say that it is finally a Guzzi. I find the history of the aerodynamic appendages quite a bit’ stucchevole, while I would concentrate the narration on the engine and transmission which seem very promising to me: the engine block is incredibly short and the single-sided arm that also incorporates the cardan is long and beautiful. In short, I hope to try it very soon. My only concern is the price, not yet communicated.

Moto Morini Seiemezzo

The new Seiemezzo by Moto Morini is an interesting bike for the performance it promises, for the hole it fills in the medium scrambler range and for the price that promises to be attractive thanks to Asian production. However, I admit that I have devoted less time and attention to it than it deserves, distracted by the X-Cape and many news. Perhaps because, anche, looking at this Seiemezzo did not capture me.

It seems to me a well-made bike, well proportioned, with a pleasant aesthetic, yet it doesn't move my diaphragm. Let's say that anything could be written on the tank and there would be no complaints. Here maybe it doesn't have all that personality expected from a scrambler. Obviously they are fists… The bike has 60 CV and you will definitely like it.

MV Agusta Lucky Explorer

In the days leading up to EICMA there was a great deal of fervor around this MV Agusta novelty. When we spoiled in the press, we realized that next to the Schiranna stand a large space had been taken to show the concept Lucky Explorer, we began to fidget leaving our proverbial aplomb in the hunt for images. The arrival of the press kit, and then, it is not that it has appeased us. At EICMA there were two Lucky Explorers, one more noble and one more popular. The first is based on the mechanics of the MV Agusta Superveloce, then three cylinders led to 950.

The other instead… it's a TRK 500 revisited not only in aesthetics but also in mechanics, with the twin-cylinder brought to 550 to have more torque below. The 9.5 is very beautiful in my opinion, anche se un po’ “grossa”, mentre la 5.5 it is pleasant in the front, then he returns to adapt to the well-known Sino-Pesaro relations. Around the two of them were the true legendary Lucky Explorers who made the history of Cagiva and the Dakar and in this case the charm was on another level, little to do.

Royal Enfield SG650 Concept

In addition to bringing the new Classic 350 (same mechanics of Meteor, but the Bullet's immortal look and for this reason I would have included it in this list anyway), Royal Enfield also brought an interesting concept. It is a more modern bobber built around the twin cylinder of 650 at Interceptor e GT Continental. It is not a stylistic exercise that is an end in itself because we have been assured that this SG650 will arrive for real and will somehow mark the new Royal Enfield style or, at least, a new stylistic trend.

We must therefore expect that even the last bastion of classicism will abandon this romantic path to take the path of modern and elaborate design as Harley-Davidson did?

Triumph Tiger 1200

Even Triumph like all brands plus “heavy” for some time now he has discovered his own cards with his own calendar without waiting for the moment of the show. All the more reason, the fact that it led to EICMA a almost definitive prototype of the next Tiger 1200 got me a little’ displaced. What you immediately notice is that it is considerably more compact of the previous series e – guarantee – also much lighter. The engine is always a three-cylinder 1200 cc, but everything has been designed to make it more agile and suitable – for real – to tackle even off road. In short, a maxi adventure bike with which to really compete with BMW, KTM and Ducati. They will officially present it in December therefore we will not have to wait long to know the data. Up close I was amazed by the radiators (placed sideways to save space) and the particular architecture of the final shaft drive. For the rest you can appreciate many similarities with the Tiger 900.

Yamaha XSR900

The XSR900 was announced a long time before EICMA, but we only saw it live here and I can say that it confirmed what I expected, or aesthetically beautiful in her being a stripped sportswoman. I find the coloring that recalls the 500 of Sarron and also the big and apparently clumsy saddle: gives them more personality. The engine we know is a nice cheerful three-cylinder, I expect the changes to the cycling dimensions to actually make it easier and more enjoyable than the previous series.

These are the news from EICMA that have caught my attention the most. Which ones have hit yours? Just let me know. Hello

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