Electric from 85 kg, monstrous couple and license A1: Cake is now street legal!

KALK Ink Street Legal orders open, the minimalist enduro of CAKE, Swedish start-up that is making a name for itself.

If there is a start-up among the electric motorcycles that is making itself heard, that is CAKE.

At EICMA I was able to chat with the guys from Stockholm and finally see their creations in person KALK Ink and Part that I show you in the video below:

I was not the only one intrigued by the minimalist design – indeed I would dare to use the term essentialist – of these light electric bikes and I'm not surprised that they're hoarding prizes. Indeed, they recently won both the RED DOT Design Awards 2020 both the IF Design Award and the merit is not only of the KALK Ink but also of the “motorino” Part (of which, however, I speak in another article).

The current CAKE range

Certainly what they are doing, as I said, it is not going unnoticed.

So far I guilty hadn't mentioned them on my blog (except for the video above). Mainly for a silly reason: they were not street legal. In short, nice toys, but to be used only in a private area. This made them a little less “urgent” to describe, I was expecting some development. But the news of the day is that it is no longer so!

CAKE has indeed opened, lo scorso 7 April, orders from KALK Ink SL where SL stands for Street Legal. In practice the civil version of the KALK Ink, their workhorse.

Very light: pesa 65 kg to which are then added the 17 of battery for a total of just 82 kg marching!

A result obtained thanks to the aluminum frame and a reduction to the essentials, without forgetting to give your own strong personality.

Clearly it was born to go off-roading, but with the Street Legal version it also becomes a nice tool to use in the city, as shown in the promo video published by CAKE itself.

The engine is a 10 kW, therefore it can be driven with an A1 license (!!) but the amazing thing is that they are declared up to 252 Nm (!!!!). And I repeat, with the A1 patent!

Obviously, with electric motorcycles the world of motorcycles that we knew is changing parameters.

KALK Ink can be used in three riding mode: with Explore mode it can turn to 3 off-road hours. With that Excite you obviously go stronger and therefore the battery lasts a couple of hours. Finally if we have to make an attack on the chrono, make the hair and counter hair in tapes or even just try our limits there is the Excel mode which however you smoke autonomy in an hour.

It is now possible to book it online on the site www.ridecake.com con un down payment of 200 Euro, to climb to 10.500 Euro of the final price.

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