Spirit of oil. The story of Enrico Bernardi

This is the oldest motorcycle story of all stories because it starts well before the invention of the motorcycle. On the contrary, it is precisely the invention of the bike by Enrico Bernardi

In this episode of my podcast Stories In Motion I want to tell you the oldest of all stories. Impossible to find a history involving the motorcycle prior to this one. For the simple reason that before this story, the motorcycle did not exist.

The protagonist is called Enrico Bernardi and was born in Verona in 1841. He was twelve years old when Barsanti and Matteucci experimented with the internal combustion engine and only three years later he was already able to build one.

His life will be studded with inventions and firsts, but only recently and to a small extent has he been given due credit and recognition. Yes, because it is always believed that the first motorcycle and the first petrol engine came from the German Benz. Beh, in this story I will reveal to you that this is not exactly the case.

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