Lago di Garda… on tap

I'll take you for a ride on Lake Garda with an electric motorcycle. Literally! Thanks to Rent Garda it is possible to rent a Zero Motorcycles and as well as take away the curiosity, have a nice tour on Lake Garda, Monte Baldo, Lessinia.

At present, electric motorcycles still have two limitations that prevent them from establishing themselves as a serious alternative: they cost a lot and not everyone is willing to accommodate their charging times. Yet they know how to give a completely different and much different driving experience, very pleasant; certainly formative and more beautiful than you might think. How to reconcile the two sides of the coin?

I speak often the pros and cons of electric motorcycles having also had the opportunity to try several and in some cases for a long time. By the way you have already seen my video about 7.000 km with an electric motorcycle?

I also managed to get several riders to try it on a couple of occasions, a Misano and a Verona and to collect their impressions. But I am of the opinion that to understand an electric motorcycle like those of Zero Motorcycles, you have to drive it for much longer e perhaps not even one day is enough, because it is really a paradigm shift with respect to our habits.

Fortunately, now it can be done! And it is very simple.

Just go to Bardolino or Lazise from Rent Garda and simply rent one of the new Zero Motorcycles models.

Valerio, the owner is also an area dealer of the Californian brand and has seen fit to offer this possibility and combine the Zero's motorcycles with the many two and four-wheeled vehicles that he offers to rent.

You can take them for a few hours, for a day or a weekend. All a absolutely accessible figures. What's more, you are in a very favorable position for tourism: Lake Garda opens up in front of us, a few curves are Monte Baldo, the Adige Valley and the Lessini Mountains. We have an infinite number of possible itineraries available.

From here you can have a great ride, just like what I show in this video (shot before the current restrictions for COVID-19) alone or in company. Because together it's even better, do not? About…

You want to come with me too?

You want to experience an experience like the one shown on the video? I have developed some routes here in the area and I decided to organize excursions with Rent Garda electric motorcycles for hire. In section Come On A Motorcycle With Me I propose some dates, but it is possible – subject to availability of course – also do it on demand so when you want.

Take a look at my page dedicated to Tour with the electric motorcycle and choose the one that's right for you.

Scrivimi for any information and if you are at least 4 friends you go!

The cost? With 220 Euro you have the bike, lunch at the farmhouse, a souvenir gadget and mine very precious driving all day and a final aperitif. It will be a unique experience, trustworthy.

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