The can of tomato by Glenn Hammond Curtiss

Glenn Hammond Curtiss didn't just want to be quick, he wanted to be the fastest and always get ahead of the others. This week's podcast is dedicated to its history.

Protagonist of my podcast Stories In Motion this week is the pioneer of the motorcycle industry and aeronautics Glenn Hammond Curtiss.

glenn curtiss and lady out for a walk

It is not the first time that I face the fascinating figure of Mr. Curtiss, a man of great inventiveness and technical ability who made an important contribution to the start of the motorcycle industry first and then aeronautics. In fact, I have already had the opportunity to talk about him on other occasions in the past (for example in this article), because his name has returned to being “chatted”. The merit (or blame, see a little’ tu) and of Matthew Chambers who decided to resurrect the Curtiss motorcycle brand for their originals electric bikes.

But the figure of Glenn Curtiss deserves to be rediscovered precisely for everything he did and how he did it at the beginning of the twentieth century. His contribution was such that it would have been impossible to tell all his exploits in a podcast lasting about ten minutes, so I focused on his beginnings and how, alla fine dei conti, all of us and him owe something to a simple one, banal, can of tomatoes. Good listening or if you prefer good vision!

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Curtiss's three-cylinder W
The original three-cylinder w made by curtiss in 1909
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