Harley-Davidson LiveWire

There! LiveWire is the name of the first Harley-Davidson power of history and could represent a historic moment for all of us. But it will be?

Harley-Davidson is the historical and traditional brand par excellence. For this reason it is astonishing the news of the day or the formalization of the project LiveWire regarding the likely next series production of an electric motorcycle by the Milwaukee giant. For the same reason, however,, I believe that their own Harley-Davidson is the most authorized brand to launch such an operation. If change must, if breaking we need to talk, who is authorized to do that than those who are more anchored to its roots, who's longest?

The operation of Harley-Davidson is interesting.

LiveWire It is not only a working prototype already, but it is a project that asks the question: we want an electric Harley? It would be more or less like this…

Practically the same customers and fans are asked to provide guidance to Harley-Davidson on the direction to take. Customers – in the USA and Canada at the time – may apply, LiveWire drive and have their say: it is not therefore the production of motorbike, but a real prototype-laboratory for receiving the public's expectations on a future all-electric Harley-Davidson. Every street is being considered, but it can no longer put off the moment when reason, seriously, whether this is or is not the way to go. It will be the turning point? we understand.

Oggi, meantime, It began official communication on the initiative and Cycle World Magazine He has already been able to see up close the prototype:

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