In motion on the Romantische Strasse, itinerario

For those who live in northern Italy, Bavaria with its Romantic Road can also be reached in a weekend. This is the simplest route that I followed.

When riding a bike on the Romantic Road?

The ideal time is to between May and July, when the blue sky and white clouds remind us why the Bavarian flag. In fact, just check the forecast and – unless you want to catch the snow across the Alps – there are no contraindications. Downpour even in summer it is not unusual.

With that momentum going?

The Romantic Road itself is passable with satisfaction any type of motorcycle It is a very easy way, with long straight and gentle ups and downs. It should be considered rather the trip from Italy to Bavaria which starts to require a fairly comfortable motorcycle or… very spirit of sacrifice. personally what it says on road bikes or enduro road. For example I used a Yamaha FJR 1300.

Roads and distances

In the itinerary from Italy, unless you have some time available, It is rather required to travel long motorway stretches before you give yourself a luxury Alpine as recommended San Bernardino Pass.

Once in Bavaria the road is fully paved. From Fussen in Augsburg are little more than 100 sliding km.

Upon returning good variation it is to divert at Spluga and do Splügen Pass. but we must Make sure you open and take into account the extra time it will take to get off the Val Chiavenna.

What see?

The route soon

We run fast to the north and pass the Swiss border. Here it serves cartoon and attention to visa controls the speed limits in some places have the ridiculous. Leg or return, I recommend you go for the San Bernardino Pass instead of making the tunnel. It obviously puts a lot more time, but it is worth it especially if the day is sunny. After Liechtenstein entering Austria for a short distance of Lake Constance before entering Germany. Which, thanks to the rain and some navigational error, I have followed a leisurely way through the campaign with which I lost some’ time but earned some’ Smile despite the humidity. The next day I enjoyed Fussen and the castles with the sun. Then I went to Augsburg with the calm of those who want to enjoy the scenery. The city is lively on Saturday night. A nice stroll downtown and then, Sunday morning, a nice walk to the center and the Fuggerei scuoriosare. Then back in the saddle for the long way home.

If you want to deepen my experience on the Romantic Road you should l’feature article and video reportage:


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