How do the incentives for motorcycles and electric mopeds? It is worth to take advantage?

From 1 March (albeit in the absence of decrees) They began the incentives to purchase cars and motorcycles with lower environmental impact. We understand better how they work and how usfruirne.

I start with a consideration I rather trivial: when a market needs government incentives, It is not a good sign. It means that there is the need to push, encourage precisely, the buyer to take a step that would otherwise, for various reasons, would not do.

I'm not here to analyze the reasons for this reluctance which also, if we make two accounts in your pocket, appear rather obvious. It is having to spend significant shares of the family budget to replace their own means of transport, whether it be two or four wheels and not always the ecological sensitivity is sufficient. The situation, however,, It is increasingly critical and we must do something quickly. Suffice it to look at this statistic to understand what I'm talking about and do not think it is all the fault of the SUV or the other, because everyone does their part.

I shall focus instead on the substance and the good news: We have the incentives to buy more environmentally friendly vehicles, then gioiamone and especially approfittiamone. Yes, but how?

How do I access to incentives?

First, incentives are scrapped. So you must have a motor vehicle used, in your possession for at least 12 months, approved in classes Euro 0, 1 and 2 and replace it with a that, instead, meets the new requirements so elettrico (or hybrid) and lower power to 11 kW.

Your old motorcycle is demolished. Non ti preoccupare, you need not take you, but the seller who will you turn to purchase.

What can I buy with incentives?

As I said, with this eco bonus you can buy Category L1 motorcycles (mopeds with a rated power under the 4 kW and maximum speed 45 km/h) ed L3 (speeds exceeding 45 km / h and power under the 11 kW) electric or hybrid. I honestly do not know hybrid, then escapes me why this clarification.

Certainly the catalog available is not as wide as with combustion engines, but if we look we find that we have more choice than we imagine. This is because in recent times are increasingly ushering new realities.

It should therefore by highly popular mopeds Askoll ES1, ES2 and ES3 to the performance Zero S e DS with limitation to 11 kW through the luxurious Vespa Electrical and stylish Super Soco TCS.

The savings with incentives?

The incentive is not bad, because it is equal to 30 percent of the purchase price up to a maximum of 3.000 Euro.

Reckon, once you identified the object of desire, It is pretty simple.

For example if you wanted to buy a Askoll ES2, to speak the same moped that you see in the picture and used by sharing Moreover ed eCooltra, whose list price is 2.990 I would get a discount of € 897 euro and therefore would pay 2.093 Euro.

With the same calculation the Vespa Electric will cost 4.473 instead € 6.390.

If you want to take advantage of the incentive to bring home a Zero Motorcycles S in version 11 kW and battery 7,2 kWh instead of spending 12.800 I would spend € 9.800 because I would get the maximum possible or 3.000 Euro.

electric Vespa

It's worth it?

In my opinion it's definitely worth because it is a significant discount. If we have at home an old scooter is time to get rid of. It does not need to be secular, just who has already some’ kilometers and towns struggles on the rump. I still see many around, then I would say that for them has reached the fatal hour.

Of course it is always a disappointment maybe get rid of a motorcycle or moped functioning, but it is a good opportunity to switch to electric without “accusing the blow too”. We can buy at a cost after all contained excellent mopeds just as the Askoll (which are also produced in Italy), whose efficiency we will soon forget both the old scooter is the shopping done.

On the other hand, however,, you also say that no need to rush.

Take the time to go and discover the various models of motorcycles and electric mopeds and try to determine whether they do for you. Ask, informed. Incentives should last until 31 December 2021 and on the electric market it is in great turmoil and new products are coming soon, then open your eyes.

A good way to know what happens is surely to follow this blog.


  1. As for the discount for electric bikes should be noted that the discount should be practiced on the price excluding VAT. If the calculation has no practical effect for net amounts less than or equal to 10.000 Euro, things change for higher amounts: discount 3.000 Euros on a Price without tax >= 10.000 Euros I get a discount of 3.660 Euro amount with VAT.
    La Zero S 11kW 7.2kWh, for example, should costrare 9.140 Euro.

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