Lessinia AdvenTour: postponed debut

The next one should have been held 2 August but there are no conditions to guarantee it. It is then sent back to 2021.

We live in a situation that was not foreseeable just a few weeks ago. When I presented the program of the Lessinia AdvenTour, the first event of adventouring on Monti Lessini and in the province of Verona, the COVID-19 it was taking its first steps in China but it was still light years away from our perception.

Then, instead, as we know it has become dramatically real for all of us.

The Lessinia AdvenTour was scheduled for the next one 2 August and – you will say rightly – there is still a few months ahead, there is still time for things to change. Yes, it's true, but also no.

Such an event, even more so in its first edition and even more so in the current situation, can not leave anything to chance and are stuck at home until a later date with the uncertainties that still remain about the reopening of recreational sports events, it is in fact impossible to complete the preparation in a workmanlike manner.

The motoclub Eat Sleep Ride he therefore took a difficult decision with a great sense of responsibility and I thank them for this: the event for the 2020 is canceled but all the work done will be used for the 2021.

Next year the Lessinia AdvenTour will return and finally make its debut. It will only be a wait longer than a year. Patience.

I will communicate the dates and all relevant information on this blog in due course, in the meantime, thank you for your attention and wish you good luck.

We will be back together on the bike soon. Maybe the events will take some more time and attention, but we will be back soon. Let's hold on and stay home!

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