Zen and the art of motorcycle camping

Some curve on your old iron, the serenity of the woods, Technical solitary camping, all in a calm and quiet accompanied by the chirping of birds: I present the Japanese trend of motorcycle camping.

As always in these cases, you come across a video by accident while searching something on YouTube and you are hit from the back cover, the thumbnail to put it in jargon youtuber. Click and discover a world of campers zen for which the bike is a kind of tool to go to camp. They make a few corners and then find solace and refuge among the trees in their tent firmly to the faithful two wheels (possibly vintage).

The idyllic image, accompanied by the chirping of birds, Our intent is completed by the protagonist to fix the tent with ropes, poles and stakes and to cook some delicious on fire. Not before, however,, he extracted from a large backpack vintage supplies throughout the first Regiment San Marco, including chairs.

Intrigued rarefied, I discovered that there is a real category of youtuber and instagrammers (among these is currently my favorite is the stylish Noripuri who wanders with an old Yamaha SR) devoted to this type of storytelling, a kind of “Zen and the art of motorcycle camping” and I decided to select a few examples showing them to you.

The videos can last from ten minutes to the hour and do not provide spoken, but only the sounds of nature interspersed with some nice relaxing music carpet. They are in fact the ideal to let go on the monitor while you are cooking or when you have guests with whom you do not know what to talk about.

Apparently these videos do not have anything exceptional, eppure They have something magnetic. This derives from the large number of views that have, guardandone but also a couple can not help but be attracted to mysterious and somehow inspired. It becomes normal in a while you start the next one just to see what the hell you cook today that Japanese guy with the green bobber or to soak for a few minutes in this atmosphere of placid mountains and the inevitable foliage giapponese.

For some, there is also a second end; It is the case of Unroof become the trademark of an e-shop where you can find the equipment as shown camp (and tested) in video. But there are many others who are not Sellers, simple but fans of the genre and practitioners.

As for the motion it looks more like a tool or if you want an excuse to explore and this looks like because they do not diminish but could restrict a silent partner. It does not have too much importance is given despite being a pivotal element of the picture that is composed. They are generally small and manageable motorcycle (those who prefer) a scrambler a bobber Style. There are never too modern motorcycle and intrusive, stonerebbero. In any case their presence in the image is always dosed because steal the scene to the peace of the woods.

Only the Japanese culture could expect this trend, already in vogue for some years in Rising Sun, and then the welcome with a fitting 感謝 (Thanks).

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  1. Nicoletto-san, but you were the one who proposed the solution proposed by a startup Schvizzera that the curtain was mounted even using the bike? To do touring camping in motion? ;-D You should try to follow the examples of very ladies and gentlemen of the Rising Sun, but I recognize that there are at least a couple of obstacles to the practice described it Zen and the art of motorcycle camping, the prohibition, Under Italian law the camping ban Ibero, although the camp is allowed, and fire ban.

    But you could try………..

    Hello, Stefano, the Hunter

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