This electric scooter is super cool

Naked and raw, Cake's Makka is an electric scooter that recalls the old tubes but has a wholly contemporary personality and a cool design

This is the MAKKA di Cake, young Swedish company that focuses on sustainability, electric propulsion and minimalist design. And it is precisely this last point that makes it extremely recognizable. The Makka is the first “fifty” and the cheapest product in the range, but like Osa and Kalk who preceded it, manages to show a strong personality while being extremely essential. A very cool design in my opinion, also because the Makka is also practical to use. In terms of driving and performance, it is in my opinion one of the best if not the best moped on the market today.


I like

  • design
  • low weight
  • good cycling behaviour

I do not like

  • saddle a bit’ limited and hard
  • little space for the feet
  • subdued electrical blocks
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