The ghost traveler, the story of Neil Peart

Neil Peart is famous for the songs he signed with Rush and his talent on drums, but he was also an avid biker. On the contrary, the bike saved him…

The tenth story in motion is that of Neil Peart, famous drummer of Rush disappeared last 7 gennaio.

All (almost) we know Neil's incredible talent on drums, but the tragic events of his life are less known. Within a year, Neil Peart lost his 19-year-old daughter in a car accident and his wife, that never overcomes mourning, for a tumor.

On the brink of the abyss, Neil does the only thing that made him feel good in those years: he takes the bike and runs away.

He escapes from his life, from his ghosts, from his pain and does it for 14 months and 80.000 km before returning to give us new incredible songs. Today is the story of the Phantom Traveler, The Ghost Ride, it is the story of Neil Peart.

I recommend reading his book, editor of the Tsunami, lo trovi qui.

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