Passo Gavia in motion

Passo Gavia, name from a legend of cycling and alpine touring, a sound that recalls the epic deeds of samples to Coppi and Bartali. Video, map and tips on one of the steps that the world envies.

Mind, exceed Passo del Gavia in moto, species with one of our modern bikes and hyper-equipped, There is nothing heroic. Face it on the seat of a bike it is much more, this is out of discussion, for whom I have utmost admiration for those who do. However, even with the engine cope with the narrow ascent to the magnificent panorama that can be enjoyed by one of the most famous and envied mountain passes in the world, has something epic and, at least on a personal level, is one of those satisfactions that you remember, you take with you in the years.
[Vien che da sé, in my humble opinion and discutibilissimo, do it in the car or camper is in worse assholes]

We have it here behind, Passo Gavia, do not even need to go and look. We often forget how fortunate we are here in Italy to have such a variety and quality of the landscape and go abroad to seek exotic locations from the name, perhaps without even having seen a small part of what we have under our noses. At least I say it to me: For years I looked at that as a gut that Righetta yellowish saliva from Ponte di Legno without ever finding an opportunity to put the wheels.

map stelvio gavia passThis is one of the reasons that prompted me to involve the Lord – which for the uninitiated is my brother, proud owner of a Moto Guzzi V11 Sport – in fact a trip curves and miles to celebrate his fortieth birthday. Departing from Brescia we have achieved Edolo, then (pretending to ignore the call of Mortirolo and Aprica before then) Ponte di Legno. From here we embarked on the climb to Passo Gavia and filters down to Bormio. From the famous spa town so we have taken the road that leads to the Passo dello Stelvio, other wonder that the whole world envies us and of which we realize in this article with video. In fact, I divided the itinerary into two parts, to make it faster to navigate and because the two roads each deserve their own space.

The climb to the Passo Gavia starts softly in the woods. The road gradually becomes closer to hand as you climb in altitude. After a few miles the vegetation opens suddenly leaving us in awe for the view. The road continues to climb up to the refuge of Bonetta, suo culmine, before falling back on the north side shorter, less galvanizing, but no less fascinating.

  • Total kilometers traveled: from Bormio to Ponte di Legno are little more than 40 km but you can also put 1 hour and a half, net of stops
  • days of travel: dipende da quanto vi fermate a dormire al rifugio 😉
  • the accessorio: padding jacket or a vest to put under, is chilly up here.
  • reception: beyond the shelter of the Bonetta and the subsequent retreat Berni on the pitch there is no other.
  • food: on the road, before the start of the climb coming from Ponte di Legno, there are some taverns. We stopped at restaurant At Mulino on the state of the Passo del Gavia. You eat the typical kitchen dellignese, the environment is pleasant but the bill a little’ salty.
  • dangers: are especially dangerous intersections with those coming in the opposite direction or if you find yourself having to pass a car or a camper (seems absurd but is there any camper who is up here). Proceed with extreme caution, go almost to a crawl, pay attention to who comes to meet us and to the mantle in many places broken or with rivulets of melting snow and icy spots.
  • Avoid the: if you love the speed is not for you, draw your own conclusions.
  • the council: Go there in early June, all'apertura, will make you feel even more a pioneer

By clicking here you can find the route map on the Passo Gavia in motion

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