The Stelvio Pass

Passo dello Stelvio in moto: the video that summarizes one of the essential experiences for every self-respecting biker.

The Passo dello Stelvio is one of the most famous places of pilgrimage motorcycle in the world, technically the highest pass in Italy and the second largest in Europe, almost a unique.

Passo dello Stelvio: I'm not going to tell you things that are well known – This is the step paved the highest and most famous Italian and if you've never heard of your discomfort should be: cLicca here to see the Wikipedia page and make a ripassino – but bring you some advice in case you did there ever was anticiparti and the feelings that you will experience from his view.

passo stelvio moto video on board 2
the Lord in a plastic break during the climb to the Stelvio

As I mentioned in the previous post devoted to the first part of this route on Passo Gavia, I started in the company of “The Lord” from Brescia in direction Edolo and then Ponte di Legno. The Passo dello Stelvio Therefore, it was reached by climbing from Bormio, on the side of Lombard. It is certainly not a revelation that the road is beautiful, but it gets when you are there in person. This is a point that needs to be done often an effort to not be distracted too much from the landscape. For me, the mountains have always had a magical attraction, these are truly a sight that moves. Curve after curve under the jacket felt shivers of goose pimples…

The attention to what you are doing and what others are doing is important, however,. In fact, the Passo dello Stelvio is quite popular and, as da Sé, among the many virtuous of the handlebar (e the volante) There are also many individuals who tend to overestimate their own abilities. We know that the mother of idiots is always pregnant… Motorcyclists who drive swaggering there are handfuls, especially during the hottest days, and the margin of error on these roads is almost zero. In some places the road narrows, species in the vicinity of the old galleries, and everyone feels the masters of the road. Personally, I prefer to drive only in the most cheerful confident, while remaining close to the minimum speed: so I have time to admire my surroundings and dodge the idiots.

passo stelvio moto video on board
Motoreetto on the Stelvio. foto d’obbligo

The video you see was shot on the first Saturday of this year's opening, the 31 May, a few hours after the passage of the Tour of Italy and after the last snowfall and it was the first sunny day. As you will notice the Passo dello Stelvio is already busy.


If the Lombard side rises gently into a long snake, atesino that is known for its hairpin bends that climb the mountainside, creating one of the most fascinating road construction that there. Get on, svalicare look down and makes you feel a feeling you will not forget.

On the Passo dello Stelvio it is surprising, in realtà, by the amount of people (e di memory) that we can find. Centauri in primis, but also cyclists (obvious), motorists and the inevitable campers. I will not dwell further on the recommendations, but rather on the finding quite obvious that it is not difficult to find a good bite to put in your teeth or a memorabilia to take home with babies.

passo stelvio moto video on board 4
Memory! memory!!
Top of tiles and not miss sweaty…

We spent the night at the Franzens height, that is not located on top of the step, but in between the switchbacks that lead to Trafoi and then Merano. It is a typical high mountain hotel, a three-star hotel with small rooms and simple, but equipped with everything you need. Which, in addition to motorcyclists, remain for many lovers of the tracking. The food is good and reasonably priced.

The next day we continued our tour to Merano and after a refreshment stop at the birreria Forst, we took the SS 238 which led us in Val di Non.

passo stelvio moto video on board 6
a stop at the brewery Forst, Merano.

The Fund We then headed on SS 43 a Mezzolombardo, then we went down along the Val d'Adige touching the A22 Brenner. After passing the centers of Trento and Rovereto, near Ala we took a fantastic deviation and the State 12 we are on the Provincial Road 13 who took us on his friend Pitch Fittanze, one of the dearest to me of all the Lessinia. This small road slips into the woods climbing and climbing with considerable slope and a series of switchbacks that of the surreal. In some places, in the middle of the vegetation, you can see the dance between language asphalt plants. Soon we will be back and I will bring you a clip.

passo stelvio moto video on board 3
atesino the slope of the Stelvio Pass


  • Total kilometers traveled: from Bormio to Trafoi are 35 km. In reality this weekend we have made more than 800 ma questa è un’altra storia 🙂
  • days of travel: depends on how much you stop to sleep on the step. I suggest you do, the next morning is even more incredible.
  • the accessorio: padding jacket or a vest to put under, is chilly up here.
  • reception: or step on the foot of the Stelvio there are various accommodations: a Bormio the Trafoi and PRIMIS. Is advisable to have the experience of staying on pace to’Albergo Folgore o all’Hotel Passo Stelvio, the charming Rifugio Garibaldi. Alternatively just below the step, is the Francis High where have I been: quite comfortable and not expensive. (Click here to see all the hotels of the Stelvio Pass)
  • food: sul passo trovi dagli hot dog ai pasti più completi non ti preoccupare, a plate of pizzocheri is located and the Francis High You can make a lunch or a dinner.
  • dangers: the number one danger is you, the number there are two other bikers. Then there are the usual camper… or cars that can lead to risky overtaking.
  • Avoid the: in addition to stupid behavior, there are no contraindications.
  • the council: Go there in early June, all'apertura, will make you feel even more a pioneer. Bring something warm.
  1. Then childbirth! Handsome nice video article! I will let you know…I go rather quiet floor. Hello

  2. From what I read around, on the Stelvio climb towards May June… Climb to October is so crazy? Saluti!

    1. It is not so much a matter of being crazy or not, but to find it open! The Stelvio traditionally opens after the tour of Italy and the closure depends on the weather.

  3. I did this August. Splendid even if the view for how I drive I do not admire it in motion where I am concentrated in folds , asphalt and traffic.. I didn't think it was that funny (started from bormio). Reached the top, after an alien break among the aliens, I returned by the same road with strategic stops to admire waterfalls , scree and alpine shelters in the distance. It's really true, you have to try it in motion at least once in your life!

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