The Benelli 502C is a concrete and fun urban cruiser

I have tried the Benelli 502C, a cruiser that winks at naked with enjoyable performance and an attractive price and in this video I tell you and I show everything about her.

The protagonist of this video review is the new one Benelli 502C. I started trying it before the lockdown but I was able to finish my test – this time I did less than usual 1000 km – only after reopening. Ma bando alle ciance… Here it is!

What a bike it is?

The Benelli 502C, as can easily be seen from the name, it's a 500 setting twin cylinder “cruiser” but that basically has a little soul’ sports. That is, she is a stroller who focuses everything on style, relaxed driving, and enjoyment.

The engine is now Benelli's workhorse. Let's talk about the same unit as Leoncino and TRK, a frontemarcia by fifty spirited and thrifty horses. Like the sisters, even the 502C could be the first model of a family characterized by this style and driving setting.

I find the positioning of the Benelli 502C interesting. In the cruiser segment, in fact, the medium displacements had practically gone extinct. After the glories of Honda Shadow and Yamaha Virago in the nineties no one has collected that legacy and cruisers have become synonymous with cubes in four figures.

Only Honda with its CMX500 Rebel – which happens to be always two-cylinder in front, always 500 cc and with an increasingly derivative engine “stradale” – oversees this segment but does it with a more classic style. The Benelli 502C, instead, is inspired by the power cruisers that have been in fashion lately and in particular it is impossible not to notice the stylistic reference to the Ducati Diavel which seems to be the little sister “smart”.

benelli 502c motor

How it is made?

Compared to the Leoncino we are faced with a lower and longer bike, with a short saddle that leaves the rear wheel cantilevered and a massive tank of well 21 litri (which combined with the low fuel consumption of this engine allows for globe-trotter autonomy). I refer to the Leoncino because it is technically the one closest to Benelli and the one we know best. But there are also many common elements with the new one 752S which will also soon be the protagonist of a test.

Like all the Benelli of the new course, it is an Italian-Chinese recipe. Designed in Pesaro and built in Wenling in China in the factories of Qianjiang group, brand owner since 2016 and author of an interesting relaunch operation.

This means that we are faced with a certain but not at all miserable economic motorbike. Economies of scale and some renunciations in terms of manufacturing, high-quality materials and top-level components, allows Benelli to offer a good package at an attack price.

In evaluating the Benelli 502C, in fact, It is essential to always keep in mind the price at which it is offered: 5.990 Euro.

benelli 502c motorized road test

In light of this we cannot fail to consider who it is “cured more than you think”: mighty fork from 41 mm (without adjustments), double front disc brake from 280 mm with four-piston caliper and radial connection, led front light, Pirelli Angel ST original equipment. The plastics have a simple painting but appear well coupled, the display is totally digital and changes color and graphics automatically when in the dark. The latter is a gimmick “nice”, but that personally I don't like much because it creates a little one (It's useless) sense of disorientation every time it happens.

benelli 502c dashboard engine

How you are riding?

Fitted. In the sense that the positions that can be taken are not many: longitudinal movement is limited by the size of the saddle, very short as well made and shaped, with a very wide handlebar and advanced platforms. For me it is not the most comfortable position in the world because it forces you to stand with your legs and arms outstretched and your torso a little’ tilted forward. But I know that many people like this approach “americana” and find it relaxing. Which in effect is when you walk on the straight.

When the curves begin, however,, the advanced platforms become a boredom. And it's a real shame because as I will say later, the Benelli 502C is a lot of fun in mixed racing.

The saddle is located in 75 cm from the ground (3 cm in meno del Leoncino) and therefore allows stable support even for the most short-lived. As for the passenger, instead, it's best to leave it at home unless you're going to be hated.

benelli 502c engine test

As you drive?

As already mentioned, the Benelli 502C is a very fun and easy cruiser to drive between the curves where you constantly get to scrape the footrests. On the one hand, you feel like a big bender, on the other, it cannot be concluded that the advanced platforms have obvious limits in this regard.

The engine (48 CV a 8500 rpm and 46 Nm a 6000 giri) è pleasantly elastic. As a monster in the video, it shoots quite well even in the sixth under two thousand laps. The services are more than adequate to enjoy it on provincial and state roads and to deal with some short stretches of the motorway if necessary.

The change is a bit’ short and often used, but allows you to always have the engine ready. Consumption is considerable: even pulling a little’ you are always still above i 20 km / l and autonomy goes great i 400 km!

Pleasant sound and a lot good braking, especially at the front. Given the type of bike would need something more behind.

Discreet fork that tends a little’ sinking if you do some more impetuous braking, while less positive is the opinion on the rear mono which absorbs very little.

benelli 502c motoreetto test review

What I like and what I don't like?

I like the engine: piacevole, rubber band, consumption park. I undoubtedly like the price, very inviting for a bike that overall is fine and I like braking.

I don't like advanced platforms, the saddle too short and the rear monoshock.

benelli 502c right side exhaust engine test

To the council?

I recommend the Benelli 502C to those who love to drive in relaxation, allowing themselves the luxury of a few nice folds, to those who love the power cruiser look but don't like to pass out and to those who maybe want to make the category jump from a cruiser 125. I certainly do not recommend it to anyone who is always in a hurry (although I can assure you that respectable averages are held) and to those who often make the highway.

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