In the name of the father

This is the story of Robert Dunlop and his sons Michael and William and how suddenly one legend ended up starting another. This is what happened to North West 200 the 2008.

Robert Dunlop he was one of the greatest road race drivers in history. Second in number of victories and notoriety only to his brother Joey with which today shares the space that their hometown, Ballymoney, he dedicated to commemorate his memory. But Robert's career could have been even more successful without the frightening accident at the Tourist Trophy in 1994. That of the Dunlop brothers is undoubtedly a beautiful story of passion and sacrifice, two working-class-heroes to which the new generation is added, the one represented by William and Micheal, Robert's children.

In the Storie In Moto podcast this week I talk about them. I retrace the career of Robert Dunlop but I speak above all of the unpredictable handover that occurred at the North West del 2008 between him and his son Michael.

During rehearsals, Robert loses his life right before the eyes of Michael and William who unexpectedly decide to run the race. For the younger of the two, Micheal, it will be the first statement and the beginning of a great career.

Enjoy your listening and / or viewing.

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