Really a Tesla Model 3 It produces more CO2 than a Mercedes Diesel?

According to a German study published by Autoplus and recovered yesterday by ANSA, an electric car like the Tesla Model 3 It produces more CO2 than a diesel Mercedes C220. Something, however,, does not return…

Let there be no embarrassment: we would all be told that this brought her the electric, change the car with a much more expensive and, ancor peggio, having to radically change our habits, was a bubble ready to dissolve. That future is not steadfast in our certainties acquired so far in over a century of mass motorization. But is not so.

We have to, instead, try to be analytical and rational as possible. This is what I try to do a little’ time and is the reason why I started working with more and more attention to electric.

Not because I do not like most the combustion engine or its sound as unfortunately some have deduced. But why… there are no alternatives! We need to understand where we are going and act accordingly, because the climate emergency is anything but a hoax.

Premesso ciò, it is clear that the electric car itself – as always repeat – It does not solve all problems. I think it is evident that, like any human activity, It has a cost in environmental terms.

Electric does not mean that it does not pollute. It means you… elettrico.

More than legitimate, therefore, make analyzes and comparisons with what is on the market and the state, as it occurs in the study of which I speak today.

The beaten by ANSA news

Ieri ANSA beat this news, then picked up by several newspapers, where it comes to a test carried out in Germany by an independent body, the’IFO (which, however, I have not been reflected, MEA culpa). This mathematical model calculates the emissions of a Tesla Model 3 during the entire life cycle and compares them with those of a Mercedes C220d, so diesel.

The first oddity is that if on one hand we talk about life on the other speaks only of use. This alone makes the false news when even worse tendentious.

The applied mathematical model could give us important information, but the comparison is distorted departing. As if in a race between two riders departed one thousand and one from 500 meters!

Furthermore continues considering disposal of batteries without specifying after how many years and their modalities. There is speculation that dispose corresponds to a CO2 tot. But we do not talk about how much it costs, in terms of CO2, dispose diesel car. Or produce it. Or produce the diesel itself and still carry. All this is kept quiet. But it makes clear comparison of two brands.

And where is Mercedes?

Why then really talk about Mercedes? Why do not any of another sedan?

The answer, perhaps, It can provide the current sales ranking of electric cars that sees the Model 3 closely followed widely in the head by many Chinese models and few European (as it reads on Vaielettrico).

These Mercedes is completely absent.

In addition to China has a strong advantage both for a huge domestic market for both the privileged access to lithium and cobalt. But the picture hit a Chinese brand is useless now, would not make news. Tesla Talk, instead, sends us immediately “trending topic” and it gives us the opportunity to instill doubt, cool enthusiasm, increasing skepticism.

Ecco perché, a mio modesto avviso, it's about a FAKE NEWS nice and good.

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