Tesla Model S: was not betrayal

Tesla Model S: in an aside to 4 I tried the wheels electric car that is more powerful and pussy. Being an innovative vehicle, I do not consider betrayal of 2 wheels, but a scientific experiment. Here's how it went.

tesla model s 06The Tesla Model S is a fascinating car, for various reasons (here the site). First is a car pussy, of those expensive but not gaudy short, classy without being snooty and redundant. Of course, the line could perhaps be better characterized, more personal, but its appearance has a purpose: make inroads nell'utenza Audi, BMW, Volvo, Jaguar, Mercedes and therefore should be easily assimilated and appreciated by people who are used to tie and four-star hotel with a massage.

The Tesla Model S è vettura a high-end, a sedan for wealthy people but who does not like to overdo it, at least in appearance. One more reason to make news and attract the curiosity, however, have it all right: is fully electric and is very powerful. He is currently considered to be the maximum of electric cars.

You understand that for a rough rider to rest the buttocks on gifts seats in a Tesla Model S version 85 kWh is one of those occasions that you can not miss. So I've got toured.

Bel giocattolone

You walk into your pocket with a key that key is not, but that seems rather a model car. Your little Model S is a transponder that makes you open the real car: the mirrors are put in place and the chrome handles come out of the body, ready to be grasped. Chiccheria.

The interior is classy without being rich, comfortable and functional enough to appeal to a younger customer (or youth) but at the same time not to disappoint finished a matusa tedescofilo.

tesla model s 14

It was immediately attracted by the two bright paintings that open before us: is embedded in the cockpit instrumentation technique more, if I may say so, a color screen and high resolution with the functions and main parameters of the car. Smack in the center of the dashboard, indeed, precisely in place of the center console, There is a nice 17 "screen touch. There is the world and not a manner of speaking. is a real giant iPad perpetually connected from which you can manage almost every aspect of the car and besides the usual I can guarantee you that there are new and tasty.

An example?

The rigidity of the steering.

Space on board there, also because there is no central transmission tunnel, and place the front and back is more than ample, although it is difficult to imagine that the Model S there are not only 5 but even 7 people by adding a back row of minisedili for children in the trunk. Nottesla model s 05No I think no one will buy this for ever.

About trunk here comes a first displacement: there are two, one under the front hood and one under the rear. How do you understand the power has many advantages in terms of space.

To look at it up close and touch it, in definitiva, the Model S looks like a nice big toy, but sophisticated enough geek oriented say, with details that will delight the most nerd some finishing touches and a little 'fake (in short, the Germans are still the most massive).

Che tiro!

You move the lever on the D Drive and we are ready. Nothing makes you realize that you are putting in motion: not a vibration, not a sound, not a squeak. Release the brake and automatic good moves off.

You are immediately struck progression: 0-100 in 5.6, "say those Tesla, a great pressure against the seat instead says your back. Acceleration and recovery are also important and we become attached quickly to the flat torque of electric motorone that knows no decline in any. At the second or third time that you are accelerating with the fear of pressing the pedal all the way down, magically make you realize that there is no noise. it is strange. You sgasi like hell but no roar behind you, only the rustle of the body that cuts through the air. I too have always dreamed of the beautiful song of a V8 to tame, but I must admit that the feeling of traveling in complete silence is intoxicating. The driving experience is totally new.

When you release the accelerator, the Model S slows down as if he was sucking the energy. It is stingy, no you do not want to waste even a drop: the system recovers energy that would be lost during braking and implements a kind of engine braking and enhanced by the adjustable touchscreen. This is also part of the new driving experience.

La guida è precise and neutral, the Model S seems very balanced and flat for the little that I had the chance to try out in the center of Milan.

Maybe in a few years…

tesla model s 10All the magic, however,, falls progressively when you begin to deal with the three issues that still limit the spread of electric propulsion: costs, autonomy, charging time.

If the autonomy of the Tesla Model S is a decent compromise after all (we are talking about 500 km ai 90 km/h, but more than likely it can be assumed 350 km with a cheerful and driving on the highway) that covers most of the average daily distances, unfortunately you can not say the same charging time. With a household outlet, it takes too many hours, about 14, from zero to fully charge the Model S. The time decreases dramaticaly if it is fitted with a socket by 400 V and even better if a 32 A e se, maybe, l’auto non è totalmente scarica 🙂

Thanks to the new points Super Charger that Tesla Motors is taking steps to achieve even in Italy in which the charge is fast and free (in Europe are already many, in Norway, the Model S is more of a best-selling Golf) it takes 30 minutes to 270 km range. According to Teslans, if you can call it, it is enough to learn how to better plan their transfers and do not take risks.

We come finally to the investment – because of this it is – required by a Tesla Model S.

The price is about 68.740 euro for the version 65 kWh, 76.240 for that from 85 kWh che him provátí, and 89.240 euro for the one 85 Performance kWh which is the top of the range. Accessories and details are different then the price rise (the car actually proven cost approximately 84.000 Euro ...).

But the question that Teslans above trying to install in your subconscious is: ok costerà pure cara, but what you save with an electric car?

In fact, on the website there are a few Tesla 'arguments in this regard: after 30.000 km with a gasoline car with the same performance you would have spent approximately 4.700 euro against the fuel less than 1.000 of a Model S. What actually changes, there is no doubt, is the way to live your car, from travel planning to ignoring service stations.

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