From Trieste to Cadore: the first stage of my Alpi Grand Tour 2022

This is the itinerary of the first day of travel of my Alpi Grand Tour 2022 and takes us from Trieste to Cadore passing through Isonzo and Carnia

This is the route I took on my first day Alpi Grand Tour 2022, the motorcycle trip that took me in six stages from Trieste to Nice, from the Adriatic to the French Riviera.

In this article, I only describe the itinerary of the first stage so that if you want to repeat it or get an idea for some of your motorbike rides, you can do it. If, on the other hand, you want to be inspired by my travel story, I invite you to watch the video of the first three stages and then that of the other three.

In this first stage ours Royal Enfield Himalayan e Scram 411 they traveled approx 260 km of state and provincial roads going up from the Julian Alps, the Val d'Isonzo, Carnia and Val Pesarina.

What see?

  • Trieste: if you have never been to Trieste consider taking at least one day to visit it because it really has a special charm. Our journey started right here, from the beautiful Piazza Unità d'Italia.
  • Val d'Isonzo: the color of the Isonzo is unique and the road that runs alongside it is surrounded by greenery
  • Caporetto: the small center is sadly known for the defeat of our army during the First World War, the most serious in history which had consequences for the future of our country and the region. Today it is a pleasant village that deserves a visit not only to pay homage to the memory of the many fallen.
  • Monte Zoncolan: a step that has rightfully entered the legend of cycling thanks to the Giro d'Italia, but which, coming from the East, offers us its sweetest ascent. Reaching the top at sunset offers us breathtaking views.
  • Val Pesarina: its beauty perhaps does not have the fame it deserves, but for us it's better this way. The street – even if the asphalt is not always flawless – it is a pleasure to drive by opening your eyes to the colors and panoramas of Carnia going up towards the Lavardet Pass and descending towards Cadore.

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