Vervemoto Classic S 250i: brat style a few Euros

Contained in size, in consumption and price, la Vervemoto Classic S 250 is renewed: arrive injection, ABS, and look even more brat style. I tried it and I tell you all about her.

The 2019 It is a year of renewal for the range Vervemoto and after introducing the Tracker 125, I recently tried, comes the new version of Classic S 250i, their best-seller with the Classic S 125. This is the first facelift and the differences are many improvements not only with aesthetic.

Vervemoto Classic S 250i: who is it?

Anagrafe by the name of Vervemoto Classic S 250i and, as she has come to expect from the young Italo-German brand, It is a classic motion in substance, economic without being poor and with a “garage look "cured. Essential, minimalist, contained in the dimensions, in the price and consumption, the new S Classic at first glance is very well presented, even better than the model it replaces.

How is it done Vervemoto Classic S 250i?

A double-cradle frame and a four-stroke single cylinder, four valves, a drop tank and little more: the Classic S focuses on the essence of motorcycling. It takes us back to the bikes of the sixties, but does so with a touch of modernity, the aesthetic and technical, thanks to'electronic injection that enables compliance with legislation Euro 4. In practice it seems an old Jap passed for treatment of a customizer, instead it is a motorcycle mass-produced in China.

The construction of this new edition seems better than the previous under many points of view. First, it is aesthetically more attention to detail, most successful in the rear, seems finished even better, neater. We also find a rich supply: in addition to electronic Delphi, It came the 'ABS, but also a Modern digital instrument and many more (rev counter, fuel level, voltage battery and even Gear Indicator!).

Then there are nice details such as the design of the seat and rear fender, the direction indicators proportionate, the headlight unit led, the discharge cone café style racer, the knobs barrel ... Others that put easily rectified as mirrors and looking very economical levers.

As you're riding the Vervemoto Classic S 250i?

The handlebars are wide enough and has a nice fold while remaining low. It allows excellent control and is not tiring even when driving “to open elbows ". The Classic is small but not tiny and – even if the data I belie – I have the feeling that it increased the height of the saddle than the previous. It always is 780 mm above the ground, which it is, however, a distance that satisfies all, but the impression is that in general the bike is more habitable. I am tall 1,74 and I find I sacrificed with knees in the mouth. Of course for the highest it will not be the same.

Definitely the location is quite convenient, always considering that we are not talking about a big and modern tourer made to grind kilometers but a small bike designed for classical wriggling in traffic or for pleasant trips on the provincial. Excursions that you can obviously do even in pairs, but they will appreciate much more, not so much in solitary for a passenger inconvenience and for the space available.

As you drive the Vervemoto Classic S 250i?

This little Classic it leads to relaxation and with a smile. Some worry that 19 cavalli are not sufficient, but the correct question to ask is: insufficient to do? The Vervemoto Classic 250i is not a motorcycle shot, This seems obvious to me, but a bike to enjoy going for a walk without worries.

A bike for tranquilloni not mean it's slow or boring for strength: the power and especially torque (17 Nm) They are always linked with the weight (132 kg). A heavy bike turns out to slow and demanding strength to manage, It needs a powerful engine, higher consumption, more attentive while driving. A light motorcycle, instead, It is more efficient and fun, more immediate to be included in the curve and does not need a lot of horsepower and high rpm to get out.

In summary, the result is that with a scooter like this unsuspected Classic you can keep medium entirely decorous on country roads and hilly mixed, its habitats like the city, where splashing away like a scooter. Perciò is a motorcycle clever, anything but boring, it takes you to walk with meno di 3 liters per 100 km.

Clarified the power aspect, we turn to cycling. That this Classic 250i is useless economic rather illusions. The fork does not provide much cushioning, but eventually it is adequate for the type of driving required, in relaxation and support, thanks also to ruotone 18 ".

Piuttosto you would want something more from the two rear shock absorbers which are dried in the responses. Asphalt smooth there are no problems, the bike is good guide, with a disarming ease. On dirt road, This Vervemoto gets along without worries because light and easy, but not too much to ask for suspension, who do not like the rough. Finally, adequate braking power for, It might be a bit 'more flexible control in commands.

Price and maintenance of Vervemoto Classic S 250i

Available white or black It is offered at a price of 3.590 Euro franco concessionario. You can drive with A2 license and has the lowest total cost: the coupons are expected after the first 1.000 km, 4.000, 8.000 and then every 3.000 km and have a cost of 80-100 Euro. As for consumption, come detto, I have traveled on average 30 km con un litro.

A margin consideration should be made on sealing of the value on the used market, although this is only a hypothesis. Surely by a motorcycle of economic band like this Classic S can not expect a high value of the seal for the simple reason that the new price is very attractive. However it is also true that the market seems to appreciate these small economic and classic displacements (so much so that over the past two years, various proposals have arrived) and this makes me think that if you do not overdo it with the request we can sell fairly easily.

To the council?

The Vervemoto Classic S 250i is an intergenerational motorbike: perfect for those who want to experience or for those who want to get back in the saddle without anxiety for a nominal cost. It can also be a good second bike for those who are experienced and already in the garage such a big tourer but, craftily, Looking for something practical and stylish for small movements. For this is definitely most appreciated by a mature biker than from a boy.

Perché sì

  • Cheapness
  • Look custom
  • Ease of driving

Perché no

  • economic Finishes
  • Vibrations handlebar
  • Sella little padded
  1. bought Moto, used very little because it always from the dealer for problems. The last of which was the rupture of the fuel tank. Components of low level.

    1. Thanks for the tip. Whether it's a cheap product is out of question, but the breaks are another kettle of fish. My partner has a 125 a couple of years and did not have problems like this, it may be a bad example. Good luck.

      1. But if two comments on two disqualify and even bad quality of the components of the bike , Verve Motorcycles 250 S , there really think that is cheap , but it is not true buget , but not worth the money spent to buy it!! For the same price you can buy a Benelli Leoncino 250cc. built in Italy , Italian components , Italian and not quality Chinese … !!

        1. hello Cosimo. The components of the Verve Moto is economic, it is a fact, and gather the testimonies of those who also writes bringing them to the attention of the company who answered case by case. Personal experience: I often use the Classic 125 My partner, first series inter alia, and at the moment I have nothing to complain about. As for the Benelli Leoncino – without detracting from the quality of the product – the components are Chinese. This does not mean it is a poor product, but just to clarify.

  2. 3800 They may seem few for a bike, but if they are a waste of money becomes a problem. Do not get me wrong the bike is beautiful, But as far as quality and reliability are at zero. nonexistent Suspension, unnecessary brakes, electrical system with all the connectors and exposed wires, within a week , let me walk.
    There is no support, in practice if you write the, they do not respond and what the most serious of all the roadside assistance that's on the purchase contract, which should be two years is invalid, so if you stay on foot, You have to pay you the Wrecker. It is now under repair, for the second time in 700 km, this time it is turned on and the engine light was extinguished at times. I write about the various social pages but do not answer. They are a little serious.

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