You want to electrify your grandfather's Vespa? Here is the RetroKit

How many have an old Vespa that is stationary, unused because it has become too complicated to repair it and circulate on the street? Here is the proposal of a start up in Rimini: the Retro Kit that transforms it into electric!

The phenomenon of Retro-Fitting – or electrify a vintage model – it is still infrequent in Italy, but Alex came up with an idea that could change things: the RETROKIT dedicated to all Vespa with small body both 50 both 125.

A Vespa 50 with the Retro-Kit

Designed to be easily installed without disruption, the retrokit is a full-featured powertrain: removable battery, removable battery charger, electric motor and control unit.

The whole is easily mounted in 3 hours of workshop without going to intervene on the frame of the Vespa. And, obviously, is approved therefore it allows to circulate on the road after re-registration of the Vespa as an electric model.

I met Alex, who is from Rimini, in the Auto D workshop in Milan, one of the first centers authorized for installation, where he was to take some advertising photos of his kit and I had the opportunity to try both the version 50 is there 125 in a private area. I can testify that it works and great too! Responds to throttle progressively giving a good torque and a fluidity that the original two-stroke could not even dream of.

Certo, he is a false author if you like and the purist has the right to be indignant. But in your opinion it is not better to leave the original two-stroke to show off in the living room and use the electrified version in the city, more practical and clean?

For more information and to book the kit:

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