It goes like a man, the story of Vittorina Sambri

In 1913 a girl from the province of Ferrara decided that she could beat men in their daring new sport: the motorbike. That girl was Vittorina Sambri and this is her story.

Quella di Ettorina Vittorina Sambri is a well known figure to lovers of motorcycling history, but it deserves to be remembered every time the opportunity arises. And in these Stories In Motion so far I have always had male protagonists, it seems appropriate to me that the first representative of the fair sex is you: the first Italian woman to compete and often beat men on two wheels.

Vittorina's was not just a competitive battle, but against the rigid patterns of a society that did not want and does not want to deal with gender diversity.

vittorina sambri moto borgo anni dieci

The contribution of women like Vittorina in the perception of motorcycles not only as a male accessory was crucial and what she did on the path to female emancipation, in its small and unwanted way, it was even more so.

It seems impossible that even today, after more than a hundred years, somehow make news when a girl decides to go by motorbike and that the story of Vittorina can still cause a sensation.

So let's think about how it must have been in those early pioneering years, when the enthusiasm for mechanics was skyrocketing, when everything was still to be written and invented, when the motorcycle was an object even more full of mystery and promises than it is today.

Good listening.

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