JonWay MJS-e Sport. Electric scooter from 130 km/h? I tried it and…

I rode the JonWay MJS-e Sport electric maxi-scooter, competitive and captivating. It promises 130 km / h e 150 km range, it will be like this?

JonWay is a brand still unknown to us that arrives in Italy thanks to Italy2Volt of Saronno (Milan) and it does so with MJS-E Sport, an electric maxi-scooter with interesting performances: 130 km / h top speed (declared) and autonomy of 150 km (declared). I drove it for a few days and in this video I analyze it point by point. However, a huge doubt remains: will pronounce “ionuei”, “ionuai” the “gionuei”?

  • As did? 2’27”
  • How you are riding? 4’34”
  • How are you? 7’00
  • Like / Dislike 18'11”
  • Who I recommend it to? 19’52”

Here is the data sheet on the importer's website

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Shooting and editing:

Nicola Andreetto

  • where are we going from here (instrumental version) by dan-zeitune
  • spacey curry by peter spacey
  • future is now by lux inspira

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