I signed up for the Sardinia Gran Tour… Vieni anche tu?

I decided to participate in the Sardinia Gran Tour (2-5 July) on and off road event organized by Adventure Riding. There are the last places, come you too!

The COVID-19 emergency has upset the motorcycle calendar and also the Sardinia Grand Tour, of which I had already spoken to you in this article, è stato “rescheduled”. The new dates are from 2 to the 5 July coming and I decided to sign up.

I signed up because it is a beautiful event and I am sure that Adventure Riding capitanata da Renato Zocchi (yes it is, the madman who did the Gibraltar Race with the Honda X-ADV) will do a great job of organizing. Also because it is not easy at all to organize two departures (one in Milan and one in Rome), transport by ship and all the rest already in normal conditions, let alone taking into account the new provisions.

But we have no time to waste!

I signed up and there are still places available. However, the technical term for registration is shortly missing, set for the 1 June. Then… hurry up!

Here you have all the details and the registration form for the Sardinia Gran Tour.

You can choose between On / Off route and road route. I chose the first one. According to the organizers, it is not a demanding off-road vehicle, but logical that you have to have a suitable bike. About… what bike I will have? I will reveal it in the next few days.

Dai su, come you too, it is important to start again and support events like this that lead us to discover roads and places that are normally not accessible.

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  1. eh it would be an excellent opportunity to get a little wind in your face and feel the breeze of freedom '……

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