In nature at full throttle without disturbing and without spending a fortune? Now you can!

Thanks to the Zero FX Nature Experience project we will be able to rent the electric enduro and be accompanied to the most beautiful corners of our country, ecco come.

Today I'm talking to you about a new project, is called Zero FX Nature Experience. And I do it from an enchanted valley, the Argentera Valley, a real paradise within reach of a knobbly wheel (and not too tessellated!).

The name is quite programmatic and the concept is pretty simple. Zero Motorcycles wants to encourage the discovery of the most hidden and paradisiacal corners of our country e, obviously, the use of their electric motorcycles. In particular the protagonist is the FX, the enduro of the range that I have tried a while’ long ago, remember?

A truly balanced and very fun bike that the company offers at favorable RENTAL conditions to those who want to undertake a local promotion of the area. For example, I tried it in Sestriere and in Valle Argentera where, together with Cervinia, this project starts. Ma Zero is looking for new enterprising motorcyclists who want to lead the area they know best. The House will also act as a collector with local authorities and municipalities and already offers a business plan. For information contact your local Zero Motorcycles dealer.

You can also read my full story in the August issue 2021 of InMoto and clicking here on the website

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